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Jason Wisdom
Wisdom (center) with "Becoming the Archetype"
Wisdom (center) with "Becoming the Archetype"
Background information
Birth nameJason Marshall Wisdom[1]
Born (1983-11-25) November 25, 1983 (age 36)
OriginDacula, Georgia, U.S.
GenresChristian metal, technical death metal,[2]progressive death metal
Occupation(s)Vocalist, bassist
InstrumentsVocals, bass guitar
Years active1999–present
Associated acts

Jason Wisdom is the former lead vocalist and bass guitarist for the Christian progressive death metal band Becoming the Archetype. Though he was born and raised in a Christian home, he states that he was never committed to Christianity until high school.[3] He considers his music as a form of ministry, but wishes to avoid a "preachy" stereotype. His influences include Extol, Living Sacrifice, and Mortification among others.[4] Wisdom is an avid fan of metal music, and Christian metal in particular. He notes that even though his music is Christian metal, many of his fans are not Christians and are many times the ones who defend his music.[3] Wisdom left the band in late November 2011 to take care of his family.[5] Though current 7 Horns 7 Eyes frontman, JJ Polachek, tried out, Wisdom was replaced by former live fill in, Chris McCane.[5] He has recently started a solo project titled Death Therapy, which features no Guitars.[6][7] He currently works for RYFO, a company that helps musicians with places to stay, meals and other such things.[4][8]


Becoming the Archetype (1999-2011)[edit]

Wisdom's musical career started in 1999, when he helped form Technical death metal band, Becoming the Archetype with Guitarists Sean Cunningham and Jon Star, Bassist Wes Gaither, and Drummer Brent "Duck" Duckett.[4] The band was not originally called Becoming the Archetype, as it was formerly called Nonexistent Failure. The band recorded a demo under this moniker, before changing the name again to The Remnant. The band recorded a demo and a their self titled album under this name. Around 2003-2004 the band played Cornerstone Festival, where they met the musicians in Demon Hunter.[4] The members of DH told the members of the band to change their name, so they would not be confused with the punk band The Remnants.[4] The band again changed their name to Becoming the Archetype.[4] The band went over several line-up changes with the exception of Wisdom, Duck and founding BTA Guitarist (who had nothing to do with Nonexistent Failure or The Remnant) Seth Hecox. The band recorded four albums, titled Terminate Damnation, The Physics of Fire, Dichotomy, and Celestial Completion, before Wisdom and Duck left the band, on November 14, 2011.

Solamors (2012-present)[edit]

Beginning in 2012, Jason joined with guitarist Alex Kenis (Aletheian, ex-Becoming the Archetype) and drummer Travis Turner (ex-Aletheian, UnTeachers) to begin their new band Solamors based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[9][10] The band's influences are Death, Emperor, Cynic, Becoming the Archetype, Aletheian, The Burial, Black Crown Initiate, Demon Hunter, Devin Townsend, Strapping Young Lad, Extol.[9]

Death Therapy (2015-present)[edit]

Death Therapy is Wisdom's solo project that was originally conceived in 2010, but started recording in 2015.[11][12] He recorded a single titled "Possessed" and was released on November 9, 2015.[6][7] Wisdom is planning on releasing an EP and touring in 2016.[7] The projects influences are Tool, Opeth, and Devin Townsend.[11] On October 30, 2016, Wisdom announced that Death Therapy had signed to Solid State Records and will be releasing the new album, by around February 2017.[13][14] The band released two songs titled "Slow Dance (With Death)"[15] and "Self Mind Dead" which features Andrew Schwab of Project 86.[16] Death Therapy released their album The Storm Before the Calm on February 24, 2017.[17]



  • Death Therapy – vocals, bass (2015–present)
  • The Reversalist - vocals (2020-present)




With Becoming the Archetype[edit]

As Nonexistent Failure[edit]


  • In Loving Memory of Everything... I Never Had (2002)

As The Remnant[edit]


  • Death, Destruction, and Mayhem (2003)

Studio albums

As Becoming the Archetype[edit]

Studio albums

Year Album Label Charts
US US Heat US Christ
2005 Terminate Damnation Solid State Records[2]
2007 The Physics of Fire Solid State/Century Media 13 19
2008 Dichotomy Solid State Records 19 41
2011 Celestial Completion Solid State Records 7[18] 18[19]


  • "Necrotizing Fasciitis" (non-album digital single, 2009, Solid State)[20]
  • "O Holy Night" (non-album digital single, 2011, Solid State)[21]

Music videos

  • "Endure" (The Physics Of Fire) – 2007
  • "The Magnetic Sky" (Celestial Completion) – 2011
  • "Breathing Light" (Celestial Completion) – 2011[22]

With Solamors[edit]

Studio albums

Year Title Label
2013 Depravity's Demise Independent

With Death Therapy[edit]


  • Demo Songs - 2015/2016 [Limited to 200 physical copies. Tracks listed in table below.]
# Song Length Notes
1. "The Lie" 4:46 [23][24]
2. "Possessed" 4:15 [6][7]
3. "Prodigal" 3:44

Studio albums

  • The Storm Before the Calm (2017)
  • Voices (2019)

Guest appearances[edit]


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