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Jeff Freundlich is an American songwriter, producer and music industry executive. His music is heard in network, cable and syndicated TV shows, in major and independent films, and advertising campaigns.

A native of New York City, Freundlich graduated cum laude from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1998. Freundlich served as an analyst at Andersen Consulting (now called Accenture) from 1998–1999, he was a Marketing Manager for Net2Phone in Hackensack, New Jersey from 1999–2002.

In 2002, Freundlich teamed with David Hilker and John Costello III, the owners of Phoenix, AZ recording studio, Wild Whirled Recording. The team formed Wild Whirled Music, which licenses copyrighted music content to all forms of electronic media. Wild Whirled Music represents Wild Whirled Music Catalog, Trailerville Music, Muzik Headz and independent label Fervor Records.

Freundlich serves as COO for Wild Whirled Music, Muzik Headz, and Executive Producer for Fervor Records. All companies are based in, Phoenix, AZ. Wild Whirled currently oversees the music publishing assets of the following catalogs:

  • Music Whirled Publishing, Inc., BMI
  • Mount Pilot Music Publishing, BMI
  • Mighty Music, BMI
  • Renda Music, BMI
  • Desert Palm, BMI
  • Trailerville Music, BMI
  • Cue Sheet Music, BMI
  • Earthcake Publishing, BMI
  • BIGBUZZ Music, BMI
  • Ultra Urban Music, ASCAP
  • Two Skullz Muzik Publishing, ASCAP
  • Vintage Masters Music, ASCAP


Publishing catalogs are distributed internationally by:

Select discography as writer, performer and producer[edit]

  • Pure House - 2 da Groove, Fervor Records (2007) - writer
  • Nu R&B - Various Artists, Fervor Records (2007) - writer
  • Fervor Divas Sing The Ballads - Various Artists, Fervor Records (2007) - writer, producer
  • Howell/Freundlich Overdrive - self-titled, Fervor Records (2008) - writer, producer, vocalist
  • Change We Can Believe In - Juice Monkey, Fervor Records (2008) - writer, producer, vocalist
  • Greatest Hits of the 70s - Smooth Double J, Fervor Records (2008) - writer, producer, vocalist
  • Christmas Fervor - Various Artists, Fervor Records (2008) - writer, producer, vocalist
  • 1st Collection - Brill Street Collective, Fervor Records (2009) - writer, producer, vocalist, percussionist
  • Suicide Machine - Kaige & the Pubes, Fervor Records (2009) - writer, producer, vocalist

Notable credits[edit]

Freundlich has placed music with shows on every major USA TV network including: A&E Network, ABC Television, ABC Family, AMC (TV network), Animal Planet, Bravo (US TV channel), CBS, CHUM Limited, Comedy Central, CTV Television Network, Discovery Channel, Discovery Health Channel, Disney, E!, Fit TV, Fox, FSN, Fuel, FX (TV network), Global Television Network, Hallmark Channel, HBO, HGTV, Lifetime Television, MTV, MTV2, NBC, Noggin (TV channel), Oxygen (TV network), Playboy, Sci Fi Channel (United States), Showtime, Soap Opera Network, SPEED (TV channel), Spike (TV channel), Style Network, Starz (TV network), TBS (TV network), Tech TV, The CW, The WB, TLC (TV channel), Turner Network Television, Travel Channel, Univision, UPN, USA Network, VH1 and WE tv.





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