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Peep Show is a British sitcom starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. The series follows the lives of two men from their twenties to thirties. Mark Corrigan (Mitchell), who has steady employment for most of the series, and Jeremy "Jez" Usbourne (Webb), an unemployed would-be musician, are the main characters of the show.[1][2]

Major characters[edit]

Characters appear in all series unless otherwise specified.

Mark Corrigan[edit]

Mark Corrigan (portrayed by David Mitchell) is a loan manager at JLB Credit. Responsible but also socially awkward and despondent, he is the owner of the flat that he shares with Jeremy on the outskirts of Croydon, South London. He appears to have had a miserable upbringing. He is a graduate in Business Studies from Dartmouth University, where he met Jeremy. He achieved 7 GCSEs, and he has a love of history, especially ancient history—which he originally wanted to study at university, before being forced by his parents into reading Business studies instead. Mark is aware of Jeremy's intellectual inferiority, but often looks to him for social guidance. He is plagued by paranoia as to how others perceive him, and by doubts over whether his actions are normal. He often simply endures activities that others seem to enjoy. Mark's infatuation and relationship with Sophie is a major theme of the first four series. Following their disastrous wedding and divorce, he pursues a series of other women during Series 5, wondering whether each could be "the one". After a brief affair with Sophie following their break-up, she becomes pregnant and later gives birth to Mark's child.

Jeremy Usbourne[edit]

Jeremy Usbourne (portrayed by Robert Webb) is an unemployed aspiring musician and a "work-shy freeloader" who lives in the spare room of Mark's Croydon flat. He is cowardly, juvenile, and quite arrogant, but considers himself to be immensely talented and attractive. He tends to be more sociable than Mark, but can sometimes come across as vindictive and cold. Jeremy has displayed a readiness to engage in actions detrimental to his friends for his own gain. Jeremy is free-spirited and enjoys recreational drugs as well as casual sex, although he has become emotionally attached in relationships with Toni, Nancy, Big Suze and Elena. In the final series, he enters a same-sex relationship with a younger man named Joe. He attended the fictional Dartmouth University with Mark and graduated with a degree in nursing. Jeremy was a nurse for a while, but quit because he was 'disgusted at having to help people'. He also receives financial support from his family despite maintaining an estranged relationship with his mother.

Super Hans[edit]

Portrayed by Matt King, Jeremy's band-mate and friend "Super" Hans is an untrustworthy fantasist who regularly uses recreational drugs. He experiences a crack cocaine addiction in the second series, later referenced again in the final episode of the third series and in the seventh series. His contentious opinions often contradict Jeremy's own ideas. His relationship with Mark is fairly neutral - the two have absolutely nothing in common, but Hans appears to be less aware of Mark's social awkwardness than others, and Mark is surprisingly tolerant of Hans' eccentric behaviour. He works in a recording studio in the first series. At the end of series 5 he joins a religious cult loosely based on Scientology. During the finale of series 6 he makes the unconvincing claim that he is father to eight-year-old twins who have an opaque connection to the German language. In series 6, he says that he is barred from entering some EU countries. He is of constant surprise to the others, including in the last episode of the 7th series in which he has apparently found the love of his life, a previously unseen Asian woman who speaks no English, but a tiny bit of German. In series 9 he marries a woman called Molly. At the wedding it is revealed that his name is actually Simon, and two young boys are present who seem to be the aforementioned twins. Russell Brand originally auditioned for the part.[3] Hans was inspired by the character Danny from the film Withnail and I.[4]

Alan Johnson[edit]

Alan Johnson (portrayed by Paterson Joseph) is a senior loan manager. Alan Johnson (usually referred to and addressed simply as "Johnson") becomes friends with Mark after meeting him at JLB. During series 2 he becomes Mark's boss. His approach to life in general and business in particular is basically an aggressive, social Darwinian apology of the survival of the fittest and may at times become borderline fascistic, as seen in his eulogy for Gerrard in Series 8. Although a confident, suave and intelligent businessman and apparently a pillar of the community, he was previously an alcoholic for 15 years. Mark continues to get on well with Johnson despite some upsets, and Johnson is one of the few people who takes Mark's side after the breakdown of his marriage with Sophie. Jeremy, by contrast, does not, especially after Big Suze leaves Jeremy for him. During series 6, after the termination of the UK JLB operation, he begins to live in a cheap house with Suze, referred to by Mark as his "recession residence" and shows signs of insanity due to his fall from power. He swindles Mark out of £2000 by attempting to make him an executive in a new consultancy agency. In the final episode of series 7, he throws away his alleged teetotalism during a new year's party.

Sophie Chapman[edit]

(played by Olivia Colman, series 1–7 & 9) Sophie is a co-worker and love interest for both Mark and Jeff; she eventually marries Mark, and almost immediately separates from him. She is from a rural background, and a storyline develops where she begins drinking heavily and taking drugs. She is less friendly with, or respected by, their boss Johnson than Mark, who is among the only people in the office to take Mark's side after their disastrous wedding. At the start of series 6, it is confirmed that she is pregnant with Mark, Jeremy, or Jeff's child. By the end, a DNA test confirms that Mark is the father, with the first episode of series 7, their child being born. Despite his greatest efforts, Sophie is let down throughout series 6 and 7 by Mark concerning his responsibilities as a father, including missing the christening of his son and therefore losing his rights to name his own baby as punishment. Sophie is mentioned, but does not appear in series 8. However, she is listed as a 'Current Character' on the Peep Show section of the Channel 4 website.[5][6] Sophie returns in series 9 for one episode where she offers Mark the chance to live with her and their son at her grandmother's cottage. Mark initially agrees for Ian's sake, but shortly changes his mind in favour of being with April.

Jeff Heaney[edit]

Portrayed by Neil Fitzmaurice. Jeff is a colleague of Mark's at JLB Credit and an intimidating, manly bully from Merseyside. The two repeatedly clash, not least for the attentions of Sophie, who chooses Jeff but leaves him after he continues to chase women. In the later series, as Mark and Sophie's relationship takes its course, he is frequently seen mocking Mark. After their relationship falls apart, Jeff appears to gradually get close to Sophie again. Mark's anger over this peaks when Sophie even considers naming their child 'Geoff'. However, Sophie sees no connection between this name and that of Mark's rival, instead claiming that she takes it from a relative. In series 7 he becomes the baby's godfather when Mark and Jeremy both fail to turn up on time, and it appears that Jeff and Sophie are back in a relationship by the end of the series, which is a major torment to Mark, who constantly believes that his son will think Jeff is his father. Jeff confirms they are back together when he comes to Mark's house to collect the baby in Series 8. Jeff returns in the very last episode in series 9, no longer with Sophie but once again working for Alan when Mark is fired from his new job.


(Series 5–9) Portrayed by Isy Suttie. Dobby works in the IT department of Mark's workplace and is a self-confessed misfit, much like Mark. She has many interests that are similar to those of Mark, such as MMORPGs. Mark meets her in series 5 episode 2 in the office canteen and quickly develops strong feelings for her, as does Mark's colleague Gerrard at the same time. Despite an at-times uneasy relationship, by the end of series 7 Mark invites her to move in with him. Mark spends series 8 trying to get Dobby to move into his flat while Jeremy falls in love with her. While Dobby wants it go inter-railing across Europe with Mark, he decides the best way to keep her is to ask her to marry him at the Quantocks like he did with Sophie in series 3. However, an altercation with Jeremy results in Dobby leaving the both of them to go to New York City. In series 9, Dobby meets Mark again at Super Hans' wedding and the two make peace with each other. Just as Mark finally gets over his infatuation with her, he is beaten up by her new boyfriend Greggory after he discovers that Mark has been stalking her for months.

Big Suze[edit]

(played by Sophie Winkleman, series 3–7) Big Suze lived with Jeremy in a shared flat (which Jeremy nostalgically refers to as the "love shack") for around a year and a half, prior to the start of the first series of the show. She is often mentioned but does not actually make an appearance until her introduction as a major supporting character in the third series. Suze is incredibly posh, though she appears to want to become more bohemian. She is an actress, but between roles works as a waitress in a café. Jeremy is desperate to get back together with her, and although they reunite briefly, she later leaves him for Alan Johnson. Her nickname comes from her height rather than her weight. Her appearance in the third series was intended for Nancy, but Blanchard was unavailable. During series 6, her and Alan's relationship seems very unsettled, leading to their break-up in Series 7, and her throwing a separate New Year's Eve party, resulting in Alan relapsing and drinking alcohol.

Minor characters[edit]

April Danecroft[edit]

(Series 2 & 9) Portrayed by Catherine Shepherd. A student and shoe salesgirl; Mark pretends to be doing the same course as her at university in order to meet her. She returns in the final season as a successful historian, but is also married.

Gerrard Matthew[edit]

(played by Jim Howick, series 4–8) Was Mark's co-worker at JLB credit, and later, his rival for Dobby's affections. He had health problems which sometimes result in a need for a tube up his nose, and had similar interests to Dobby such as MMORPGs and live action role-play. In Series 7, he and Mark form 'The Dobby Club', an organisation of two who are committed to breaking Dobby up with her boyfriend, deciding that the matter of which of them gets to date her if they succeed can be resolved afterwards. Despite their skin deep friendship, Mark would betray him easily if he stood between him and getting what he wanted. Gerrard died of flu in the first episode of the eighth series.

Gail Huggins[edit]

(Series 6–8) Portrayed by Emily Bruni. Elena's long term girlfriend, a member of Mensa and a musician. She runs a Mexican restaurant, hiring Mark until she fires him in Series 7. In Series 8, she campaigns to be chairman of the freehold committee in Apollo House.


(Series 7–8) Portrayed by Mathew Baynton. Dobby's boyfriend until they break up. Through Series 8, Simon tries to get Dobby back after she reveals she is going to move in with Mark. Frequently appears with his friends Neil (Patrick Kennedy) and Trish (Charlie Covell).

Ian Chapman[edit]

(played by Paul Clayton, series 4–7) Sophie's homophobic, ultra-conservative father who lives with his wife and son in the countryside. Doesn't approve of Mark, but silently resents him rather than trying to intervene. After Mark gets Sophie pregnant he tries to persuade Mark to get back together with Sophie but nothing ever comes of it. Mark and Sophie's baby is named after him.


(played by Camilla Marie Beeput, series 7) An intellectual woman whom Jeremy meets in a hospital waiting room while her boyfriend Ben is in a coma. Ben regains consciousness and later employs Jeremy, in a role which Jeremy uses as a means to try to get close to, and eventually seduce Zahra, even though she affects an interest in many refined subjects that are beyond him, such as foreign films and classic literature like Frankenstein, which he pretends to know about and be interested in in order to impress her. Jeremy and Zahra eventually sleep together unbeknownst to Ben. When Ben and Zahra later break up, Zahra asks Jeremy to move in, until she finds out that he attempted to cheat on her.


(played by Vera Filatova, series 6) Elena is a Russian emigrant who lives in the same block of flats as Mark and Jeremy. She works part-time as a legal secretary in human rights law and deals marijuana on the side. She has a sexual attraction towards single fathers, is bisexual, and in a long-term relationship with a woman called Gail. She hides this fact from Jeremy at the start of their relationship, which goes on to become a secret affair. She likes spelt bread as she is wheat-intolerant.


(played by Rachel Blanchard, series 2 & 4) Arriving in England from small-town America to escape her conservative upbringing, Nancy is kooky and hedonistic. Her attitude towards love and relationships is affected by her upbringing and her Christian beliefs, leading to her sending Jeremy very mixed messages, from attempting wild, kinky sex one minute to abstaining completely the next (the "last taboo"). She later marries Jeremy for visa reasons, and is portrayed as either unaware of or uninterested in Jeremy's obsession with her.


(played by Elizabeth Marmur, series 1–2) The next-door neighbour of Mark and Jeremy, and an object of their lust throughout the first series of the show. She is separated from her husband Tony at the beginning of series 1, but the couple reunite during series 2, although they are still seen arguing. Her father died when she was aged three and she may subconsciously be seeking a "daddy substitute". During her childhood she regularly went skiing, and has two sisters; one with cancer, and one half sister whom Jeremy briefly dated. She is opinionated and sexually liberal, and engages in casual sex with Jeremy on several occasions. In an early episode, she engages in pyramid selling of cleaning products, but at the end of series 2 she is shown working as a supervisor in a call centre.

Robert Grayson[edit]

(Series 8) Portrayed by Dan Tetsell. Mark's new boss, for whom Super Hans also works selling bathroom supplies. Despite Mark accidentally introducing himself as Robert Grayson due to nerves in the job interview, Mark wins the job but is then constantly shunned in favour of Super Hans, whose salesman techniques he appears to favour.


(played by Niky Wardley, series 5) Cally is a music industry executive who briefly works with Jeremy and Super Hans. Mark is romantically attracted to Cally, and is pleasantly surprised when he finds out how sexually domineering she is. However, he's disappointed to find out that she believes in certain paranormal phenomena like crystal skulls. Their relationship comes to an abrupt halt when Jeremy trashes her RV and tells her that Mark did it in an act of passive aggressive rage.

Sarah Corrigan[edit]

(Series 3, 6–8 ) Portrayed by Eliza L. Bennett. Mark's sister, a solicitor who has aided Mark in his divorce settlement. She first appears having split up with her husband. Jeremy instantly seduces her to taunt his ex, much to Mark's disapproval which worsens when he sleeps with her the same night they meet. Jeremy finishes with her when his ex shows signs of wanting him back, but she continues to show a sexual interest in him every time she appears. Although Jeremy tries to avoid her, he eventually moves in with her in Series 8, when he agrees to move out of Mark's flat but realises that he has nowhere to go.


(Series 9) Portrayed by Cariad Lloyd. A barmaid whom Jeremy meets during Super Hans' stag night. He gives her life coaching to help her pursue her dream job as an artist. Jeremy has an affair with her boyfriend Joe, and also ends up sleeping with Megan behind his back as well. By coincidence, the two discover the other's relationship with Jeremy at the same time. Megan agrees to have a "threeism" with the two men based on a set of guidelines, but a dispute on who gets to be with who on what day ends up with Joe leaving Megan for Jeremy. Despite her bitterness towards Jeremy, Megan attends his 40th birthday where she reunites with Joe.


(Series 9) Portrayed by Bart Edwards. Megan's boyfriend. Jeremy has sex with him on an impulse which results in an ongoing relationship between the two. Jeremy also sleeps with Megan, but chooses Joe over her. Jeremy's older age prevents him from keeping up with Joe and pretends to be one year younger that he actually is when his 40th birthday approaches. Joe buys Jeremy some tickets to spend a whole week raving together, but Jeremy declines so Joe returns to Megan.


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