Jiahewanggang Station

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Jiahewanggang Station
Province Guangdong
(See other stations in Guangdong)
City Guangzhou
District Baiyun
Opened 25 September 2010
Station statistics
Type Underground
Operator(s) Guangzhou Metro Co. Ltd.
Line(s)      Line 2     Line 3
Type of platforms 2 Island platforms
No. of platforms 4
Rail services
Preceding station   Guangzhou Metro   Following station
Terminus Line 2
Line 3
toward Tiyu Xilu

The Jiahewanggang Station (Chinese: 嘉禾望岗站) on the Guangzhou Metro, formerly known as Jiahe Station (Chinese: 嘉禾站) during its planning stages, is an interchange station between Lines 2 and 3, and also the northern terminus of Line 2. It is located underground, just northwest of Lingnan New World Garden (Chinese: 岭南新世界花园) in the Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China.[1] It started operation on 25 September 2010.

Station layout[edit]

G - Exit
lobby Customer Service, Shops, Vending machines, ATMs
Platform 2 Line 3 toward Tiyu Xilu (Baiyundadaobei)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right
Platform 4 Line 2 toward Guangzhou South Railway Station (Huangbian)
Platform 3 Line 2 termination platform →
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right
Platform 1 Line 3 toward Airport South (Longgui)


Exit number Exit location
Exit A Guihuai daolu (planned) [Disease Prevention and Control Center]
Exit B Wanggang Dadao (planned)
Exit C Guihua daolu (planned) [Wanggang Dadao]


Coordinates: 23°14′20″N 113°17′28″E / 23.2390°N 113.2911°E / 23.2390; 113.2911