Jianguomen Inner Street

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Jianguomen Inner Street (September 2004)

Jianguomen Inner Street (simplified Chinese: 建国门内大街; traditional Chinese: 建國門內大街; pinyin: Jiànguómén Nèi Dàjiē) is a major street in urban Beijing. It forms part of the extended Chang'an Avenue.

Its path begins after the Dongdan intersection heading east until Jianguomen Bridge.

During its short run, it crosses with the intersection to the Beijing Railway Station.

The Beijing International Hotel also lies along its track, as does a main postal office and the building of China customs.

The street ends near the Beijing Ancient Observatory.

Line 1 of the Beijing subway runs along the route.

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Coordinates: 39°54′30″N 116°25′49″E / 39.9084°N 116.4304°E / 39.9084; 116.4304