José Figueroa

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For other people named José Figueroa, see José Figueroa (disambiguation).
José Figueroa
Mexico  Governor of Alta California
In office
Preceded by Agustín V. Zamorano and
José María de Echeandía
Succeeded by José Castro
Personal details
Born 1792
Died 29 September 1835(1835-09-29)
Profession Governor, Politician, Soldier
Religion Roman Catholic

General José Figueroa (1792 – 29 September 1835), was a General and the Mexican territorial Governor of Alta California from 1833 to 1835.[1] Figueroa oversaw the initial secularization of the missions of upper California, which included the expulsion of the Spanish Franciscan mission officials. This also involved the issuing of many Mexican land grants for former mission lands and original Mission Indians homelands.


Landmarks named after General José Figueroa include:

Figueroa rancho land grants[edit]

Mexican land grants in Alta California issued by Governor José Figueroa:


  1. ^ Francis J. Weber Prominent visitors to the California missions, 1786–1842 1991 "Jose Figueroa (1792–1835), an Aztecan mestigo, was a veteran of the Sonora frontier. He was Governor of California between 1833 and 1835. "