José Vasconcelos World Award of Education

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José Vasconcelos World Award of Education
Obverse of a golden medal with the image of José Vasconcelos facing right, the name José Vasconcelos placed to lower left, and the phrase ´Por mi raza hablará el espíritu´ at the bottom.
Awarded for Acknowledgment for exceptional teaching, which is the underlying basis of our present civilization.
Country Mexico
Presented by World Cultural Council
Reward(s) Diploma, Commemorative Medal, and US$10,000
First awarded 1985
Official website

The José Vasconcelos World Award of Education is granted by the World Cultural Council as a recognition to renowned educators, to experts in the field of teaching, and to legislators of education policies who have significant influence in enriching the culture of mankind. This award has been presented biennially since 1988.

The qualifying jury is formed by several members of the Interdisciplinary Committee of the World Cultural Council and a group of distinguished educators.

The World Award of Education grants a Diploma, a Commemorative medal, and US$10,000.

The award is named after José Vasconcelos.

Award Recipients[edit]

Year Recipient Recipient's Institution Field of Research Ceremony Host Ceremony Site Ceremony Host Country Ceremony Date Ref.
2016 Kalevi Ekman Aalto University Design Factory Riga Technical University National Library of Latvia, Riga, Latvia Latvia Latvia 14 October 2016 [1][2]
2014 Federico Rosei INRS, University of Quebec Aalto University Otakaari 1 Building, Aalto University, Espoo Finland Finland 17 November 2014 [3][4]
2012 Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht Stanford University Literature, Philosophy Aarhus University The Main Hall, Aarhus University, Aarhus Denmark Denmark 18 April 2012 [5][6]
2010 Christian Azar Chalmers University of Technology Environmental education Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México Aula Magna Adolfo López Mateos, UAEM, Toluca Mexico Mexico 8 December 2010 [7][8]
2008 William G. Bowen Princeton University Higher education Princeton University Richardson Auditorium, Alexander Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey United States United States 11 November 2008 [9]
2006 Marlene Scardamalia University of Toronto Social Education Instituto Politécnico Nacional Sala Manuel M. Ponce, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City Mexico Mexico 28 October 2006 [10]
2004 David Attenborough BBC Educational Broadcasting University of Liège Amphithéâtres de l’Europe, University of Liège, Liège Belgium Belgium 8 November 2004 [11][12]
2002 Jeannie Oakes University of California, Los Angeles Science Education Trinity College, Dublin Examination Hall, Trinity College, Dublin, Dublin Republic of Ireland Ireland 14 November 2002 [13]
2000 Zafra M. Lerman Columbia College Chicago Science Education University of the Witwatersrand Great Hall, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa South Africa 1 November 2000 [14][15]
1998 Robert Yager University of Iowa Science Education Victoria University of Wellington Hunter Building, Wellington New Zealand New Zealand 19 November 1998 [16]
1996 Roger Gaudry University of Montreal Education Administration University of Oxford Voltaire Room, Taylor Institution, Oxford United Kingdom United Kingdom 23 November 1996 [17]
1994 Joseph O´Halloran Canberra University Mathematical Pedagogy CODATA, ICSU, UNESCO Le Manège Convention Center, Chambéry France France 19 September 1994 [18]
1992 Elliot Eisner Stanford University Art Education National Research Council (Canada) Lester B. Pearson Building, Ottawa Canada Canada 1992 [19]
1990 Lev Shevrin Ural State University Pedagogy, Children's Mathematics Education Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich Cupola Room, ETH Zürich, Zürich Switzerland Switzerland 1990 [20]
1988 Gilbert De Landsheere University of Liège Empirical Education, Teacher Education Instituto Politécnico Nacional Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City Mexico Mexico 19 November 1988 [21]
1985 Dolores Hernandez University of the Philippines Diliman Mathematics education and Science education Royal Institute of Technology Kollegiesalen, Stockholm Sweden Sweden 21 November 1985 [22][23]

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