Judo at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Men's 68 kg

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Men's 68kg
at the Games of the XVIII Olympiad
VenueNippon Budokan
Date20 October
Competitors25 from 18 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Takehide Nakatani  Japan
2nd, silver medalist(s) Eric Hänni  Switzerland
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Ārons Bogoļubovs  Soviet Union
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Oleg Stepanov  Soviet Union
1976 →

The lightweight class was a judo event held as part of the Judo at the 1964 Summer Olympics programme. The weight class was the lightest contested, and allowed judokas of up to sixty-eight kilograms. The competition was held on Tuesday, October 20, 1964.[1]

Twenty-five judokas from eighteen nations competed.


Elimination round[edit]

The twenty-five competitors were divided into seven pools of three and one pool of four. Each pool played a round-robin tournament, with the winner of the pool advancing to the quarterfinals. Pool D was the only one to require a playoff, which was won by Chang.

Pool A

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Paul Maruyama (USA) 2-0 QQ
2  Karl Reisinger (AUT) 1-1
3  Matthias Schießleder (EUA) 0-2

Pool B

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Takehide Nakatani (JPN) 2-0 QQ
2  Brian Jacks (GBR) 1-1
3  Udom Ratsamelongkorn (THA) 0-2

Pool C

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Oleg Stepanov (URS) 2-0 QQ
2  Brian Dalton (AUS) 1-1
3  Seo Sang-cheol (KOR) 0-2

Pool D

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Chang Won-ku (ROC) 2-1 QQ
2  Gaston Lesturgeon (FRA) 1-2
3  Bruno Carmeni (ITA) 1-1

Pool E

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Gerhard Zotter (AUT) 3-0 QQ
2  René Arredondo Cepeda[2] (MEX) 1-2
 Oscar Karpenkopf (ARG) 1-2
 Vicente Uematsu (PHI) 1-2

Pool F

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Eric Hänni (SUI) 2-0 QQ
2  Aurelio Chu Yi (PAN) 1-1
 Stefano Gamba (ITA) 0-2

Stefano Gamba did not compete.

Pool G

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Park Cheong-sam (KOR) 2-0 QQ
2  André Bourreau (FRA) 1-1
3  Ronald Ford (AUS) 0-2

Group 8

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Ārons Bogoļubovs (URS) 2-0 QQ
2  Eiam Harssarungsri (THA) 1-1
3  Nguyễn Văn Bình (VIE) 0-2

Knockout rounds[edit]

The remaining eight judokas competed in a single elimination bracket. Losers in the quarterfinals were placed 5-8 while both losers in the semifinals won bronze medals.

October 20
October 20
October 20
 Takehide Nakatani (JPN) De-ashi-barai  
 Paul Maruyama (USA) 0:24      Takehide Nakatani (JPN) Awase-waza  
 Oleg Stepanov (URS) Seukui-nage    Oleg Stepanov (URS) 4:25  
 Chang Won-Ku (ROC) 2:10        Takehide Nakatani (JPN) Awase-waza
 Eric Hänni (SUI) Uchi-mata        Eric Hänni (SUI) 1:15
 Gerhard Zotter (AUT) 0:44      Eric Hänni (SUI) Kinsa
 Ārons Bogoļubovs (URS) Waza-ari    Ārons Bogoļubovs (URS) -  
 Park Cheong-Sam (KOR) -  


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