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Kammatipaadam poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byRajeev Ravi
Produced byPrem Menon
Written byP. Balachandran
Story byRajeev Ravi
Music byBackground score:
CinematographyMadhu Neelakandan
Edited byB. Ajithkumar
Distributed byGlobal United Media
Release date
  • 20 May 2016 (2016-05-20) (India)
Running time

Kammatipaadam, alternatively spelled as Kammatti Paadam, is a 2016 Indian Malayalam-language action drama film[2][3] directed by Rajeev Ravi and written by P. Balachandran.[4] The film stars Dulquer Salman, Vinayakan, Shaun Romy, Manikandan R. Achari, Vinay Forrt, Shine Tom Chacko, and Suraj Venjaramoodu.[5] The songs were composed by K, John P. Varkey and Vinayakan[6] while the background score was composed by K.

The film centers on Kammatipaadam, a slum locality in Kochi, Kerala. It focuses on how the Dalit community was forced to give up their lands to real-estate mafias and how modern urbanisation of Kochi metro-city took place over the plight of the Dalits.[7] The film won four awards at the 47th Kerala State Film Awards, including Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Art Director and Best Film Editing.[8]


Krishnan, who works in a security firm in Mumbai, receives a call from his childhood friend Ganga. The call indicates that Ganga is in danger and need Krishnan's help. Later, Krishnan travels to Kerala to find Ganga. During his journey Krishnan recalls all the problems that he had to face in his hometown Kammattippaadam.

In the early 1980s, Krishnan who is a primary school student befriends Gangadharan/Ganga, a kid who belongs to a Dalit family. Ganga's brother Balan/Balettan is a thug and is involved in smuggling spirit. Both Krishnan and Ganga are introduced to violence at a very young age. Krishnan is in love with Anitha, a relative of Ganga.

Later, Krishnan, Ganga, Balettan, Venu and others form a gang working for a local businessman, Aashaan. After the gang is involved in a fight, Krishnan kills a police officer while trying to save Ganga. He then goes to jail and returns to Kammattippaadam only to discover that the gang is now more advanced and are smuggling spirit under the leadership of Surendran/Aashaan. The gang creates a lot of enemies which includes Johnny. Krishnan discovers that Ganga is also in love with Anitha and is planning to get married soon. The gang destroying the homes of the locals leaves Ganga's grandfather devastated. He dies of shock when he discovers that his grandchildren have no love for him.

Balettan who is now a changed man after his grandfather's death wants to stop everything. One night Balan's wife demands to go to medical shop to get some supplies. They are accompanied by both Ganga and Krishnan. Balettan says that he wants to stop his criminal activity and simply wants to live happily with his family in Kammattippaadam by starting a travel agency. During their conversation about Anitha, Balan mentions his wish to see Krishnan get married to her and this causes Ganga and Balan to end up in a fight. Ganga gets out of the car. Later, Balan, Krishnan and Balan's wife Rosamma reach the nearby medical shop. Rosamma and Krishnan get out of the car and walk towards the medical shop. Balettan, too intoxicated stays in the car which moments later gets hit by a truck, explodes and leaves Balettan dead. Ganga blames Krishnan for his brother's death and both their friendship is torn apart.

Later, Krishnan starts a travel agency and Ganga still remains a thug. The gang later learns from a friend Sumesh that Johnny was the one who planned Balan's murder. An enraged Krishnan and Ganga stab Johnny, landing them in trouble, chased by the police. Krishnan gets arrested saving Ganga. Meanwhile, Ganga marries Anitha and then Krishnan relocates to Mumbai.

In the present, Krishnan learns about the mishaps created by Ganga and tries to find him with the help of Rosamma. Rosamma reveals that it could be Johnny who is behind Ganga's problems and Krishnan sets on a journey to find Johnny. Johnny who is paralysed after Ganga stabbing him says that he is not aware of Ganga's whereabouts. Krishnan beats down all of Johnny's gang members but the fight ends with Krishnan getting stabbed by Johnny's brother.

Later, Krishnan is left heartbroken when he hears that Ganga's dead body has been found. He later seeks the help of Aashaan who is now a big business entrepreneur to find the real killer only to discover that he is the one who murdered Ganga. Aashaan reveals that he killed Ganga due to his constant disturbance and demands for money. Aashaan is killed by Krishnan kicking him out the window of his high storey apartment built on the swamps on Kammattippaadam. In the aftermath, Krishnan says that it is people like Aashaan who corrupt the city spilling blood for more lands and profit and that he acted for the sake of his hometown, Kammattippaadam.[9]



The film started production in September 2015 in Mumbai.[15][16] The title Kammattipaadam was announced in February 2016.[17] The filming was completed on 10 March 2016 and the release was scheduled for May 2016.[10] A one-minute twenty five second long trailer of film was released on 16 May in YouTube.[18]


The soundtrack features songs composed by three composers, namely K, John P.Varkey and Vinayakan. The background score was composed by K.[1]

Soundtrack album by
GenreFeature film soundtrack
ProducerPrem Menon
Track listing
1."Para Para"Anwar AliJohn P. VarkeyAnoop Mohandas, Sunil Mathai, Sarath, Syam3:45
2."Chingamaasathile"Dileep K.GJohn P. VarkeyAnoop Mohandas3:20
3."Kaathirunna Pakshi Njan"Anwar AliKKarthik4:14
4."Puzhu Pulikal"Anwar AliVinayakanSunil Mathai, Savio Laz4:15
Total length:16:18

Release and reception[edit]

Kammatipaadam released in theatres on May 20, 2016. The DVDs and VCDs of the film were released on 10 August 2016.[19]

Critical reception[edit]

Anurag Kashyap has stated that Kammatipaadam is one of the best gangster movies ever made in India. He also appreciated the brilliant performance of actors in the movie. Rajeev Ravi wrote in an article in ‘Deshabhimani’ few days after the release of the movie that that the word ‘Pulayan’ was not allowed to be used even once in the movie by the Censor Board. Ernakulam was a small town during the early 1950s, and during the first communist government of EMS Namboodiripad in 1957, small tracts of farm land were given to all landless community, mainly to the Dalit community, under the Land Reforms Ordinance Act. But following the Economic Liberalisation of 1991, Kochi boomed into a metro city, and real estate skyrocketed. The then government set up Greater Cochin Development Authority, which helped the real estate boom, all the while paddy fields were converted to housing boards, luxury villas and apartments. Kammatipadam shows how the Dalits were forced to sell out their lands to the real estate mafia.

Gowtham VS of The Indian Express wrote: "Rajiv Ravi has dismantled all conventional concepts of Malayali aesthetics by capturing the unadulterated beauty of black skin through characters who portrayed the lives of Dalits. The director has continued to use his anarchic concepts of visualisation, which include shaky shots, blurred frames and sometimes abrupt sequences. The realistic and daring approach of Rajiv Ravi deserves standing ovation at times when the paper tigers in this industry still fear to come up with something different from the old mould."[20] A critic from Indiaglitz.com described it as "one classy movie which needs to be applauded for its passion and intensity".[21]

Box office[edit]

The film has collected 1.52 crore (US$210,000) on its opening day at the Kerala box office, becoming the fifth Malayalam film of 2016 with highest first day collection after Kali, King Liar, Darvinte Parinamam and Action Hero Biju and within three days of release 27 lakh (US$38,000) from the Kochi multiplexes and 5.66 lakh (US$7,900) from the Chennai box office.[22] It collected 7 crore (US$980,000) from all over India in its first week.[23] The film collected around 12 crore (US$1.7 million) within 12 days from all India box office.[24][25] The film collected 19.13 lakh (US$27,000) during its third weekend in the U.S. market.[26] The film collected 15.1 crore (US$2.1 million) from Kerala box office, the budget was 7.80 crore (US$1.1 million).[27]


Kerala State Film Awards (2016)[28]
Filmfare Awards South (2017)[29][30]
South Indian International Movie Awards (2016)[31]
  • Won, Best Film – Kammatipaadam
    • Nominated, Best Director – Rajeev Ravi
    • Nominated, Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Vinayakan
    • Nominated, Best Debut Actor – Manikandan R. Achari
    • Nominated, Best Lyricist – Anwar Ali for "Puzhu Pulikal"
IIFA Utsavam (2017)[32][33]
  • Won, Best Performance In A Supporting Role - Male – Vinayakan
    • Nominated, Best Picture – Kammatipaadam
    • Nominated, Best Direction – Rajeev Ravi
    • Nominated, Best Story – Rajeev Ravi
    • Nominated, Best Performance In A Negative Role – Anil Nedumangad
    • Nominated, Best Music Direction – John P. Varkey
    • Nominated, Best Lyrics – Anwar Ali for "Para Para"


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