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Kantrili is a small village in Jhelum District, Punjab province, Pakistan. http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&q=kantrili&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl


Each year in the third weekend of February a famous mela (fair) is held there. Thousand of people and dignatories attend this very popular and noted event in the local sports calendar.

Horse and rider in action, this animal went on to win

The main event is the Persian Water wheel bull races. although in other years there are also tent pegging competitions, during which up to a hundred horse and rider take part. Patthar (stone)lifting competitions where the local strong men show off their skills

The winners at the rostrum

There are usually around 60 pairs of bulls vying to get the greatest numbers of revolutions around a Persian Water Wheel within an allocated ten minutes. The event is strictly controlled with adjudicators and judges enforcing the rules of no cruelty or persuasion of the animals who must complete the circuit unaided and of their own accord. It is a great test of the animals willingness to work with the owners. In the day and age of tractors mechanicalised farming it is one of the few things that keep these ancient traditions and techniques alive.

Thousands watching the bulls in action

Ch Abbas Gujar has the best dand in the region, and is famous in the area A prize bull can be not only very valuable but a source of immense pride and prestige. Consequently, the animals are very often treated very well, being fed on high protein nutritious diets and appropriate exercise. Many of the competition animals are valued up to £4000 ukp tape ball Cricket is another sport played by the locals, and youngsters, and these matches are played wherever possible, there are usually matches against local villages including chandila, these are normally 5-10 over matches for bets of up to 1000 rupees. cockfighting is also popular among youngsters as is dog fighting, and also collecting pigeons. hunting is also a favourite pastime.in summer kite flying is a big thing and can be seen from many rooftops. The village has 4-5 mosques, including the big one opposite saak di atti and barre mam a shiat mosque, as well as a few other dmaller mosques, there is also a darbar located there. there is also a big janazakhana located on the entrance to the village. there is a main set of shops including two barber shops, a jewellers, a tailor shop, a few sweet and cigarette shops and also a snooker hall, where most of the youth spend most of their time, and the standard is very good.

In recent years, there has been an increase of kotis (grand house) getting built over the village, reflecting the change in the village, and many are still under construction.