Dina, Pakistan

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Dina دِینہ
Dina pakistan picture.jpg
Dina دِینہ is located in Pakistan
Dina دِینہ
Dina دِینہ
Coordinates: 33°01′42″N 73°36′04″E / 33.02833°N 73.60111°E / 33.02833; 73.60111
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Jhelum District
Tehsil Dina Tehsil
Population (2013)
 • Total Approx. 0.5 Million
Postal code 49400
Calling code 0544

Dina (Urdu: دِینہ ‎), is a commercial town in Jhelum District, Punjab, Pakistan.

Dina is about 200 kilometres (120 mi) northwest of Lahore, and around 100 kilometres (60 mi) southeast of Islamabad, at the junction of roads to the Mangla Dam / Mirpur and Rohtas Fort / Tilla Jogian mountain. The historic Grand Trunk Road passes through the centre of the town. There is limited industrial activity including woodworking, ironworking and marble processing. The main source of income for residents is remittances from relatives working in the UK and the Gulf states. Many residents join the Pakistan Army. There is some small-scale agriculture with wheat and pulses as the main crops.


Dina is the nearest town to the Pothohar Plateau which is rich in archaeological sites of the ancient Soanian culture.[1]


The main languages spoken in Dina are Punjabi and Urdu. English is widely understood.

Several poets were born in Dina, including the popular Pakistani poet Zamir Jafri and the Indian Poet Gulzar. Guzar wrote the following lines for his birthplace:

Zikr Jhelum ka, baat ho Dine ki.
Chand Pukhraj ka, raat Pashmine ki


Dina is about an hour by car from Islamabad and 2.5 hours from Lahore. It can also be reached by Pakistan Railways.

Panoramic view of Dina


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Coordinates: 33°01′42″N 73°36′04″E / 33.02833°N 73.60111°E / 33.02833; 73.60111