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Mamyan is a village in Jhelum District, in the Punjab (Pakistan) province of Pakistan. It is located at an altitude of 223 metres (732 ft).[1]


Most income is generated from people settled abroad mainly the UK and Spain. The main crop is wheat; corn and rice are also grown if the weather is right. The River Bunhar is a growing threat to crops and fields.

There are now many shops run by local villagers selling everything from produce to beauty products.

Mamyan is becoming a prospering village with many new outstanding houses being built over the last ten years. The violence that blighted the village over last few decades is now decreasing, meaning more harmony in the village. However, rising food prices coupled with high rates of unemployment, means most residents struggle to eke out a living in a difficult environment.


The village is located 20 km south-west of Jhelum city, 3 km West of River Jhelum and 0.5 km North of River Bunhar.

Nearby settlements include:

  • West - Jagta 2 km
  • North - Alang 1.3 km, Kolian 1 km
  • East - Khurd 1.5 km, Chotala 2 km
  • South - Padiala, Darapur, Chakri

Famous people[edit]

  • Dr. Ch Rehmat Khan Mamyan (Late) Ex Chairman & Ex- Councillor Union Council Chotala
  • Dr Ch Rehmat Khan has been supplied electricity in the village.
  • Dr Ch Rehmat Khan has been created by the road of Mamyan village in 1980.

He Has Been Approved Girl primary school in the village. Dr Ch Rehmat Khan Mamyan died 27-03-2006.

Mamyan Middle School provides education for local Mamyan children and means they no longer have to go to Chotlla or Chakri to continue their middle school education.


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Coordinates: 32°48′0″N 73°33′0″E / 32.80000°N 73.55000°E / 32.80000; 73.55000