Kedah Supreme Order of Merit

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Kedah Supreme Order of Merit
Darjah Utama Untok Jasa Kedah
Awarded by Flag of Kedah.svg Sultan of Kedah
Type Order
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Abdul Halim of Kedah
Grades DUK
Next (higher) Halimi Family Order of Kedah
Next (lower) Supreme Order of Sri Mahawangsa
MY-KED Kedah Supreme Order of Merit (DUK).svg
Ribbon bar of the order [1]

The Kedah Supreme Order of Merit (Bahasa Melayu: Darjah Utama Untok Jasa Kedah)[2] is an honorific order of the Sultanate of Kedah


It was founded by Sultan Badlishah of Kedah on 17 November 1953 (or 30 October 1952).

Award conditions[edit]

This is the highest Order to be conferred on those who have performed meritorious deeds with full responsibility to the nation for a stated number of years. It is conferred on those of high position and wide influence. This Order may be held by only three living persons at one time, and it is seldom conferred. [3]


It is awarded in one class: [2]

  • Darjah Utama Untok Jasa Kedah - DUK


The Order consists of a chain. Photos : Kedah [3] & RA [2]


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