Keikyū Kamata Station

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Keikyū Kamata Station

Keikyu Kamata station east 20130323.jpg
The south-east side of the station, March 2013
Location4-50-10 Kamata, Ōta, Tokyo
Operated byKeikyu
Other information
Station codeKK11
Previous namesKamata; Keihin Kamata (until 1987)
FY2017[1]61,746 daily

Keikyū Kamata Station (京急蒲田駅, Keikyū Kamata-eki), is a railway station in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan, operated by the private railway company Keikyu.


Keikyu Kamata Station is served by the Keikyu Main Line and Keikyu Airport Line.

This station is a reversing station for direct train services between Yokohama Station and Haneda Airport.

Station layout[edit]

As of 21 October 2012, the station structure has three levels. Up trains (to Shinagawa and Haneda Airport) depart from the second level, down trains (to Yokohama and Misakiguchi) and Haneda Airport depart from the third level.


The 3rd floor consists of one large platform serving three tracks in a unique configuration. Platforms 1 and 4 are equipped with platform screen doors[2].

3rd floor[edit]

1  Keikyū Main Line for Yokohama
 Keikyū Airport Line for Haneda Airport Terminal 1·2 (From Shinagawa)
2  Keikyū Main Line for Yokohama
3  Keikyū Main Line for Yokohama and Misakiguchi

2nd floor[edit]

4  Keikyu Main Line for Shinagawa, Shimbashi, and Oshiage
 Keikyu Airport Line for Haneda Airport Terminal 1·2 (From Zushi·Hayama and Yokohama)
5  Keikyu Main Line for Shinagawa
6  Keikyu Main Line for Shinagawa, Shimbashi, and Oshiage

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Keikyu Main Line
Keikyu Wing: Does not stop at this station
Morning Wing: Does not stop at this station
Airport Limited Express: Does not stop at this station
Shinagawa   Limited Express (Kaitoku)   Keikyu Kawasaki
Heiwajima   Limited Express (Tokkyū)
(from Shinagawa)
  Keikyu Kawasaki
(Airport Line)
  Limited Express (Tokkyū)
(from Haneda Airport)
  Keikyu Kawasaki
Keikyu Kawasaki
  Airport Express   Kōjiya
(Airport Line)
Umeyashiki   Local   Zōshiki
Keikyu Airport Line
Airport Limited Express: Does not stop at this station
(Main Line)
Keikyu Kawasaki
(Main Line)
  Limited Express (Kaitoku)   Haneda Airport Terminal 3
Keikyu Kawasaki
(Main Line)
  Limited Express (Tokkyū)   Kōjiya
(Main Line)
Keikyu Kawasaki
(Main Line)
  Airport Express   Kōjiya
(Main Line)
(Main Line)
  Local   Kōjiya


The station opened on 1 February 1901 as Kamata Station (蒲田駅).[3] The Airport Line (then called the Haneda Branch Line) was opened in 1902. Kamata Station was renamed Keihin Kamata Station (京浜蒲田駅) in November 1925, and again renamed Keikyū Kamata Station, the present name, on 1 June 1987.[3]

The station was rebuilt over a period of 12 years from December 2000 to October 2012 with the original ground-level tracks elevated to provide additional track capacity and eliminate road congestion on the three level crossings immediately adjacent to the station.[4]

Future plans[edit]

Plans exist to extend the Tokyu Tamagawa Line from Kamata Station eastward by approximately 800 m to Keikyu Kamata Station. This would provide an interchange between the lines, improving accessibility to Tokyo's Haneda Airport ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics.[5] As of 2020 these plans have not yet materialized

Surrounding area[edit]


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