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Gender Male
Language(s) English language, Japanese
Other names
Nickname(s) Kenny
Related names Kenneth, Kendrick, Kendall, Kenan, Keenan, Keegan, Kevin, Kelvin, Kenny, Can, Kayne, Kanye, Kahn, Dicken, Kenji, Kenzo, Ken'ichi, Kennedy, Kenson

Ken is a masculine given name of Scottish / Gaelic origin. It is used either as a given name or as a short form of names with the letters "Ken" (like Kenneth, Kenan, Kendrick, Kendall, Kennedy, Mackenzie or Kenson). Ken is also a Japanese name which can have many different meanings depending on the kanji used.


  • Ken Sugimori (born 1966), Japanese illustrator known for his work on the Pokémon video games
  • Ken Takakura (born 1931), Japanese film actor
  • Ken Thompson (born 1943), American computer scientist and one of the primary creators of Unix
  • Ken Tyrrell (1924–2001), founder of the Formula One team Tyrrell Racing
  • Ken Uehara (1909–1991), Japanese film actor
  • Ken Wahl (born 1954), American actor
  • Ken Watanabe (born 1959), Japanese theater, TV, and film actor
  • Ken Whyld (1926–2003), British chess player and author
  • Ken Winey (born 1962), Canadian football player

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