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Written by Noriyuki Murase (ja)
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Children
Magazine CoroCoro Comic
Original run June 2004May 2011
Volumes 10
Anime television series
Studio ShoPro
Original network Oha Coliseum (ja)
Original run Jan 4, 2010 – present
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Keshikasu-kun (ケシカスくん, a keshi-gomu (消しゴム) is a white eraser) is a Japanese children's manga written and illustrated by Noriyuki Murase (ja) (村瀬範行 Murase Noriyuki). It has been serialized in Monthly CoroCoro Comic from June 2004.[1]

The series is about a white eraser who becomes Keshikasu-kun by putting an eraser crumb on his head and a paper costume on his body. Keshikasu-kun wants to become the best of the stationery supplies, outdoing other characters such as the blackboard eraser (kokuban-keshi) and the correction fluid (shūseieki).[1]

Beginning in 2008 Keshikasu-kun appeared in the television program Oha Coliseum (ja) (おはコロシアム).[1] Keshikasu-kun received the Shogakukan Manga Award in the children's category in 2008.[2]

The January 2010 issue of Monthly Coro Coro Comic, released on December 15, 2009, revealed that an anime adaptation, classified by Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions as a television program, had been approved.[1]

The anime has been airing since January 2010.


  • Keshikasu (ケシカス)
  • Bōzu (ボウズ)
  • Enpitsu (エンピツ)
  • Chibikasu (チビカス)
  • Shūseieki (修正液) - The correction fluid
  • Kokuban Keshi (黒板消し) - The blackboard eraser


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