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Kevin Fennell (born ca. 1960) was the drummer for Guided by Voices.[1]

Fennell joined the original trio composition of the group,[2] He performed with the band between 1983 and 1996, and since the reunion of the "Classic Lineup" in 2010. He appeared to perform at the band's "final" Dayton, OH performance in 2004. He did not, however, appear at their final concert overall in Chicago in December 2004.

Fennell rejoined the revived band in 2010 for a reunion tour and later album releases, Let's Go Eat the Factory and Class Clown Spots a UFO. In October 2013 the band's frontman Robert Pollard fired Fennell following a disagreement between the two after Fennell's attempt to sell the drum kit used to record Bee Thousand and other albums for $55,000.[3]


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