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KISS Pinball by Bally 1979
Closeup of playing surface of KISS Pinball by Bally 1979

Kiss-themed pinball machines were produced by Bally in 1979[1] and Stern in 2015.[2] There are also some pinball machine conversion kits,[3][4] a Kiss pinball machine prototype[5] and a Kiss pinball video game.


In 1979 the first Kiss arcade pinball machine was produced by Bally, and stayed in circulation well into the 1980s.[6] In 1978, Barry Imhoff declared, "there will be 20,000 Kiss machines."[7] 17,000 produced Kiss pinball machines are confirmed.[1]

John Popadiuk produced a Kiss pinball machine prototype in 2014 but the game never went in production.[5]

In 2015, Stern released a Kiss pinball machine.[2]

A KISS pinball machine can be seen in the bar scene of the 1981 slasher film Friday the 13th Part 2.

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