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ISU-152 at Kubinka
Panzer VIII Maus at the Kubinka Tank Museum
Kugelpanzer at Kubinka

The Kubinka Tank Museum is a museum of armoured fighting vehicles in Kubinka, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Oblast, Russia. The museum consists of open and covered exhibition of many famous tanks and armored vehicles throughout the 20th century. It is also known to house and display many unique vehicles, such as the German super-heavy tank prototype Panzer VIII Maus, the Troyanov heavy tank and a Karl-Gerät self-propelled artillery, among other single or limited production prototypes from the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.


The Kubinka Tank Museum is located on a historically "classified" Red Army armor testing facility. Most of its displays in the museum were derived from the research collection of the still-functioning[citation needed] Kubinka armour testing and proofing ground. Most Cold War-era Western tanks were war trophies from Middle East, Africa, Vietnam and Latin America, sent to the armor test facility to test for weaknesses. Due to its secretive history as well as its close relationship with the army, the museum is still staffed entirely by Russian army personnel today.

Admission and visitor restrictions[edit]

As of 2015 access into museum is available for all visitors, however foreign citizens pay 1200 rubles and 1500 rubles during weekends, while Russian citizens pay only 300 rubles and 400 rubles during weekends. Access to children under the age of 6 is free. Permission to film and record videos cost 300 rubles.[1]


The museum hosts a wide variety of tanks and armored vehicles developed and used throughout the 20th century by the Soviets, Germans and many other nations. Around 60% of the exhibits are Soviet-era vehicles, with the most recent display being the Object 172, the prototype of the T-72 MBT. Apart from that, the only remaining Panzer VIII Maus and a captured English WW1 tank, along with several different Hungarian, Polish, Japanese, etc. and western vehicles are on permanent display as well.


Located in the outskirt of Moscow, Kubinka is easily accessible by suburban train from Belorussky railway station, Moscow. The Kubinka Tank Museum, however, is located on the other side of the M1 Belarus Highway, and while it is possible to walk across the highway, it is advisable to catch a taxi from Kubinka station to the museum.

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