Kukës District

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Kukës District
Map showing the district within Albania
Map showing the district within Albania
Country Albania
CountyKukës County
 • Total938 km2 (362 sq mi)
 • Total45,616
 • Density49/km2 (130/sq mi)

Kukës District (Albanian: Rrethi i Kukësit) was one of the thirty-six districts of Albania (which were dissolved in 2000) that is now part of Kukës County. It had a population 45,616 (2010 estimate), and an area of 938 km². The town of Kukës was where the district's administrative headquarters were located.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The district consisted of the following municipalities:

Kukës Municipality[edit]

Note: - urban municipalities in bold


The district lies in the northeastern part of Albania and is bordered by District of Prizren in the east and northeast, by Has District in the north, by Pukë District and Mirditë District in the west and by Dibër District in the south.


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Coordinates: 41°58′N 20°25′E / 41.967°N 20.417°E / 41.967; 20.417