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Kushaba Moses Mworeko (born c. 1979) is a Ugandan LGBT rights activist and blogger.

Mworeko, whose parents and sister died of AIDS-related illnesses,[1] was impelled to flee Uganda due the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, authored by Ugandan politician David Bahati, then pending in that country's legislature. After an interview Mworeko gave in the U.S., the Ugandan tabloid, Red Pepper, published the following on September 24, 2010, in re Mworeko:

Today we expose Moses Kushaba Mworeko a gay monster who has confessed to viciously raping kids in primary school and setting off a sex craze that swept throughout the school like wildfire. … He made his disgusting confession in The Metro Weekly a Newspaper in the US. In his sordid interview Mworeko, 31, brags how he started bonking his primary school boyfriend and how his act of bonking a fellow boy was copied by all the boys in his dormitory.

Facing incarceration and possible death, to the United States in October 2009 for an HIV/AIDS conference in Texas, where he remained and applied for asylum. It was reported on May 29, 2011 that he had been granted asylum on appeal after his first application was denied. He resides in Washington, D.C.[2]



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