Kvetera Church

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Kvetera Church
კვეტერის ეკლესია
Kvetera Church
Kvetera Church is located in Georgia (country)
Kvetera Church
Shown within Georgia (country)
Basic information
Location Approximately a 1.5 km from the hamlets of Vedzebi, Naduknari, Sabue, and 9 km from Akhmeta, Kakheti Province (Mkhare),  Georgia
Geographic coordinates 42°03′22″N 45°05′58″E / 42.0561°N 45.0994°E / 42.0561; 45.0994Coordinates: 42°03′22″N 45°05′58″E / 42.0561°N 45.0994°E / 42.0561; 45.0994
Affiliation Georgian Orthodox Church
Region Caucasus
Country Georgia
Status Abandoned
Architectural description
Architectural type Domed radial tetraconch plan
Architectural style Georgian; Church
Completed Early 10th century
Dome(s) 1

Kvetera Church (Georgian: კვეტერის ეკლესია) is a Georgian Orthodox church in a historic fortified town of Kvetera in Kakheti.

Kvetera Church was built in the early part of the 10th century. It is a relatively small church and resembles the Georgian cross-dome style of architecture. The dome rests on a round tympanum and rises over the central square pace. The Projections end in an apse, which have niches between them. The facade of the church is not designed with a lot of ornaments which is typical for Kakhetian churches. Most of the facade is decorated with symmetrical arches.

Town of Kvetera used to one of the center of the Principality of Kakheti. According to Vakhushti Bagrationi, Kvetera dates back at least to 8th century AD.[1] It is also mentioned in the written document from the 11th century.


Notes and references[edit]

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