Vanis Kvabebi

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Vanis Kvabebi seen from the second level of tunnels

Vanis Kvabebi (Georgian: ვანის ქვაბები; English: Vani's Caves) is a cave monastery in Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia near Aspindza town and the more famous cave city of Vardzia. The complex dates from 8th century and consists of a defensive wall built in 1204 and a maze of tunnels running on several levels in the side of the mountain.

There are also two churches in the complex. A newer stone church that is in quite good shape stands near the top of the wall, and a smaller, domed church that clings to the rock on the level of the highest tunnels

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Coordinates: 41°28′08″N 43°17′05″E / 41.46889°N 43.28472°E / 41.46889; 43.28472