LP Aquarii

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LP Aquarii
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Aquarius
Right ascension 22h 42m 06.02673s
Declination -05° 06′ 07.0679″
Apparent magnitude (V) 6.30 - 6.64[1]
Spectral type M0
Variable type Irregular
Proper motion (μ) RA: 70.00 mas/yr
Dec.: -50.90 mas/yr
Parallax (π) 4.74 ± 1.10 mas
Distance approx. 700 ly
(approx. 210 pc)
Other designations
BD-05° 5843, HD 214983, HIP 112078, SAO 146251, CCDM J22421-0507 A.
Database references
Data sources:
Hipparcos Catalogue,
CCDM (2002),
Bright Star Catalogue (5th rev. ed.)

LP Aquarii is a pulsating variable star in the constellation of Aquarius that varies between magnitudes 6.30 and 6.64.[1]


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