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Gender Male
Language(s) Latin
Meaning "From Laurentum", or "Laurelled"
Region of origin Italy
Other names
Related names Lorente (Spanish-Aragonese)Lorenzo (Italian, Spanish), Laurent (French), Laurențiu (Romanian), Lourenço (Portuguese), Laurence, Lawrence (English)

Laurentius is a Latin surname that means "From Laurentum" (a city near Rome), or "Laurelled". It can also be used as a first name. Notable people with the name include:

In Early Christianity:

  • Lawrence of Rome, Saint Laurentius of Rome, (died 258), Italian deacon and saint, born in Spain

In Catholicism:

In Byzantium:

In Poland:

  • Wawrzyniec Grzymała Goślicki, Laurentius Grimaldius Gosliscius, (1530–1607), Polish bishop, political thinker and philosopher best known for his book De optimo senatore

In Lutheranism:

In other fields:

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