Lemelson Capital Management

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Lemelson Capital Management
TypeLimited Liability Company
IndustryHedge Fund
Area served
Key people
Emmanuel Lemelson, Chief Investment Officer
ProductsThe Amvona Fund, LP The Amvona Fund, Ltd

Lemelson Capital Management is a United States-based global investment management company founded in 2012 by Emmanuel Lemelson who is also a Greek Orthodox priest. The company is the general partner of The Amvona Fund, LP, a hedge fund that as of late 2015 managed around $20 million.[of what?][citation needed]

The company has focused on deep value and special situation investments. Within three years of its launch it had reported a net gain of 150%.[1]


Since its inception, Lemelson Capital has been managed by its chief investment officer Father Emmanuel Lemelson, who is also a Greek Orthodox priest.

Hedge fund performance[edit]

The Amvona Fund, LP, is a hedge fund that was launched in September 2012, and as of late 2015 managed around $20 million.[2] By mid 2015 the company reported a net return since its launch of 150 percent.[1]

Since 2014 the firm has publicized its performance under the provisions of the JOBS Act,[3] one of a handful of hedge fund managers to do so.[4]

In September 2018, Lemelson was sued by the SEC for stock manipulation, allegedly making false statements about Ligand Pharmaceuticals causing its share price to fall and profiting by $1.3m from the short positions.[5][6]


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