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Lennart Daléus (born in Stockholm 25 June 1946) is a Swedish politician, who was the leader of the Swedish Centre Party from 1998 to 2001.[1]

Daléus was the leader of the Option 3 campaign for the 1980 referendum on nuclear power in Sweden.[2] Following his stint as Centre Party leader, he was the general secretary of Greenpeace Sweden and the CEO of Greenpeace Scandinavia from 2002 until August 2008.[2][3] In 2006 he disclosed that he was no longer a member of the Centre Party, as he did not believe that his work for Greenpeace was congruent with being active in a political party. He also criticised the party for its decreased interest in environmental issues.[4]


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Party political offices
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Olof Johansson
Chairman of the Centre Party of Sweden
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