Likoma District

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Location of Likoma District in Malawi

Likoma District consists of two separate exclaves of Malawi situated within Mozambican waters in Lake Malawi, (also known in Tanzania as Lake Nyasa). It consists of two main islands, Likoma and Chizumulu. It is a district in the Northern Region of Malawi. The capital is Likoma.

Satellite view of the Likoma district.

The district covers an area of 18 km² and has a population of 13,000.

There is a single National Assembly constituency representing the district. Since the 2009 election it has been held by O. A. Thundu of the Democratic Progressive Party.[1]


Coordinates: 12°05′S 34°40′E / 12.083°S 34.667°E / -12.083; 34.667