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Location of Mzimba District in Malawi

Mzimba is a district in the Northern Region of Malawi. The capital is Mzimba. The district covers an area of 10,430 km.² and has a population of 610,944. It is the largest district in Malawi.


There are twelve National Assembly constituencies in Mzimba:

  • Mzimba - Central
  • Mzimba - East
  • Mzimba - Hora
  • Mzimba - Luwelezi
  • Mzimba - Mzuzu City
  • Mzimba - North
  • Mzimba - North East
  • Mzimba - Solora
  • Mzimba - South
  • Mzimba - South East
  • Mzimba - South West
  • Mzimba - West

Since the 2009 election most of these constituencies have been held by members of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)[1]

Cities in Mzimba District[edit]


The most common occupations are subsistence farming of maize and beans supplemented by cattle herding, in addition tobacco is grown as a cash crop. There are currently 98 active educational committees in Mzimba.[citation needed]


The district consists of people of Tumbuka origin and descendants of Ngoni people from South Africa. However the main language spoken is chiTumbuka. The district headquarters is at Mzimba. However, the biggest town is Mzuzu, which is also the administrative headquarters of the Northern Region of Malawi.[citation needed]

It is also the centre of netball in Malawi, Malawi's most successful sport. Most of the players in the national team, including international star Mwayi Kumwenda were born and grew up in Mzimba.[citation needed]


History states that the Zwangendaba Ngonis were warriors who settled in northern Malawi. However, once Zwangendaba head of the family died, his sons resettled to what is now the Mzimba District and seven of his descendants still rule.[2] Mzimba, which means human body, was riddled by calls to split the district into three in early 2016. Citizens and some officials wanted the province to be split, while the head ruler was not in favor of it.[3]

Famous People[edit]

Mwayi Kumwenda (1989- ), a netball player for the Malawi national team.[citation needed]

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