Mchinji District

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Location of Mchinji District in Malawi

Mchinji is a district in the Central Region of Malawi. The capital is Mchinji. The district covers an area of 3,356 km2 (1,296 sq mi) and has a population of 602,305.[1] The area's economy is sustained by rain-fed agriculture.

Government and administrative divisions[edit]

There are six National Assembly constituencies in Mchinji:

  • Mchinji - East
  • Mchinji - North
  • Mchinji - North East
  • Mchinji - South
  • Mchinji - South West
  • Mchinji - West

Since the 2009 election all of these constituencies have been held by members of the Malawi Congress Party.[2]


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Coordinates: 13°45′S 33°05′E / 13.750°S 33.083°E / -13.750; 33.083