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Linda J. Fisher is a Vice President Safety, Health and Environment and Chief Sustainability Officer of DuPont.[1][2]

When working for the United States Environmental Protection Agency she was Deputy Administrator;[3] Assistant Administrator - Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances; Assistant Administrator - Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation; and Chief of Staff to the EPA Administrator.[4] She was also Vice President of Government Affairs for Monsanto Company, a pesticide and biotechnology corporation. Fisher was also "Of Counsel" with the law firm Latham & Watkins. She attended George Washington University for a masters in Business Administration, Miami University for a B.A and the Ohio State University for a law degree.

In an oral history, EPA Administrator William K. Reilly described Fisher as one of his ablest people, proving to be a star as his Assistant Administrator for Toxics and Pesticides.[5]


Fisher was mentioned in the documentary The Future of Food (2004) as an example of a revolving door between Monsanto and the government.

Further reading[edit]

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