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Linda J. Fisher was a Vice President Safety, Health and Environment and Chief Sustainability Officer of DuPont.[1][2]

When working for the United States Environmental Protection Agency she was Deputy Administrator;[3] Assistant Administrator - Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances; Assistant Administrator - Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation; and Chief of Staff to the EPA Administrator.[4] She was also Vice President of Government Affairs for Monsanto Company, a pesticide and biotechnology corporation. Fisher was also "Of Counsel" with the law firm Latham & Watkins. She attended George Washington University for a masters in Business Administration, Miami University for a B.A and the Ohio State University for a law degree.

In an oral history, EPA Administrator William K. Reilly described Fisher as one of his ablest people, proving to be a star as his Assistant Administrator for Toxics and Pesticides.[5]


Fisher was mentioned in the documentary Circle of Poison (2018) reporting the export of chemical products manufactured in the US for export that are banned from domestic use.

Fisher was mentioned in the documentary The Future of Food (2004) as an example of a revolving door between Monsanto and the government.

Further reading[edit]

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· EPA Alumni Association: Toxic Substances, A Half Century of Progress, March 1, 2016


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