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Barat Daya Islands en.png
Map of the Barat Daya Islands with Liran in the far west
LocationSoutheast Asia
RegencySouthwest Maluku
LanguagesIndonesian, Wetarese
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Liran (Indonesian: Pulau Liran) (pronounced: lee-rawn) is a small island off the southwest coast of Wetar Island, Indonesia. The East Timorese island Atauro is 12 km to the southwest. Liran is the westernmost of the Barat Daya Islands in the province of Maluku.

Liran is surrounded by coral reefs.

It has a small population, who speak Wetarese. They primarily live in the small village Ustutun on the east coast of the island. There is also a lighthouse there.

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Coordinates: 8°00′37″S 125°43′59″E / 8.01028°S 125.733°E / -8.01028; 125.733