List of Carnegie libraries in Nevada

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The following list of Carnegie libraries in Nevada provides detailed information on United States Carnegie libraries in Nevada, where 1 library was built from 1 grant (totaling $15,000) awarded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York in 1902.

Carnegie libraries[edit]

Library City or
Image Date
Location Notes
1 Reno Reno Reno, Nevada Carnegie Library.jpg Mar 14, 1902 $15,000 S Virginia St. and Mill St.
39°31′29.25″N 119°48′42.28″W / 39.5247917°N 119.8117444°W / 39.5247917; -119.8117444 (Reno Carnegie Library)
Dedicated on June 4, 1904, the building was razed in 1931 for post office construction.


  1. ^ a b At various times, Bobinski and Jones disagree on these numbers. In these cases, Jones' numbers have been used due to both a more recent publication date and a more detailed gazetteer of branch libraries, which are often where the discrepancies occur.


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