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Six children (four boys and two girls) are holding small electronic devices. Behind them are six creatures of various sizes and appearances.
Jacket art of the 2006 Japanese DVD box set of Digimon Adventure 02 by Happinet, featuring the new generation of DigiDestined children and their partner Digimon

Digimon Adventure 02 is a 50-episode sequel of the 1999 anime series Digimon Adventure. It was created by Toei Animation and aired in Japan on Fuji TV between April 2, 2000, and March 25, 2001.[1][2] The series was directed by Hiroyuki Kakudō and produced by Keisuke Okuda. Music for Digimon Adventure 02 was composed by Takanori Arisawa, and characters were designed by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru.[3] The story, set in an alternate timeline of the real world, opens four years after the events of Digimon Adventure with the next generation of DigiDestined children.[Note 1] In their quest to maintain peace in the Digital World, the children battle both new and returning foes. In a 2001 survey published by Japanese anime and entertainment magazine Animage of its readers, Digimon Adventure 02 placed 17th, tied with the 1988 film My Neighbor Totoro, on the list of anime that should be most remembered in the 21st century.[4]

The series has aired in many countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas in a combination of dubbed and subtitled versions. For example, Mexican public and cable television channels aired both versions of the anime.[5] In the United States, the English dub of Digimon Adventure 02 began airing on Fox Kids on August 19, 2000.[6][7] Following the discontinuation of the programming block, it aired on ABC Family,[8] Toon Disney, and Disney XD.[9] During its airing on Fox Kids, the series helped push the network into first place during the February 2001 Nielsen ratings sweeps among viewers aged 6–11.[10] The episodes of Digimon Adventure 02 have also been made available digitally through various media outlets. The first 15 episodes were made available for download on IGN's Direct2Drive service in July 2008.[11] The subtitled version of the series has been hosted on the streaming media website Crunchyroll since October 27, 2008.[12] In a digital partnership with Toei, Funimation Entertainment also began streaming the subtitled Digimon Adventure 02 on its online video portal on April 3, 2009.[13] Volume DVDs have been released by Toei in Japan, and boxed sets have been released by Happinet in Japan and by Alliance Entertainment in North America.

In the original Japanese version, the opening theme of the series was "Target: Akai Shōgeki" (ターゲット~赤い衝撃~ Tāgetto: Akai Shōgeki?, lit. "Target: Red Shock") by Kōji Wada.[3] Two ending themes by Ai Maeda (credited as AiM) were used, "Ashita wa Atashi no Kaze ga Fuku" (アシタハアタシノカゼガフク?, lit. "Tomorrow My Wind Will Blow") and "Itsumo Itsudemo" (いつもいつでも?, lit. "Always Whenever").[3][14] The English opening reuses the theme song from Digimon Adventure by Paul Gordon.

Episode list[edit]

No. Dub title / Translated title Director Screenwriter Original airdate English airdate
01 "Enter Flamedramon" ("The One Who Inherits Courage")
"Yūki o Uketsugu Mono" (勇気を受け継ぐ者) 
Hiroyuki Kakudō Atsushi Maekawa April 2, 2000 August 19, 2000
A few years after he and his friends saved it in August 1999, now a middle school student, Tai Kamiya returns to the Digital World when Agumon and the other DigiDestined Digimon are in danger. Having just enrolled in Odaiba elementary after his mother moved into the district, T.K Takaishi hangs out with Kari Kamiya before they learn from Izzy Izumi that Tai entered the Digital World as they head to the computer club room. But the group are followed by Davis Motomiya, a boy who happens to both idolize Tai and a crush on Kari. As Davis wants to join them, three beams shoot out of the computer with one manifesting in Davis's hand as a strange Digivice and joins T.K and Kari in their expedition while Izzy remains behind to distract two kids from T.K.'s apartment building: Yolie Inoue and Cody Hida. In the Digital World, Davis, T.K. and Kari find Tai, Agumon, Patamon, and Gatomon after she lost her tail ring. As they learn a mysterious figure called the Digimon Emperor is behind Digimon being enslaved by Black Rings and their partners unable to Digivolve, Tai proceeds to take the younger DigiDestined to a strange DigiEgg that bares his Crest of Courage. Though it seemed unable to be removed, Davis is able to lift the DigiEgg with a Digimon named Veemon materializing. By that time, a Monochromon under the Digimon Emperor's control is sent after the group. It was only when Kari is in danger that Davis uses the DigiEgg of Courage to Armor Digivolve Veemon into Flamedramon who breaks Monochromon's Black Ring. After Tai gives Davis his goggles, the DigiDestined enter to the real world. 
02 "The Digiteam Complete" ("Digigate Opens")
"Dejitaru Gēto Ōpun" (デジタルゲートオープン) 
Atsutoshi Umezawa Atsushi Maekawa April 9, 2000 August 19, 2000
After a rough return to their world, the DigiDestined learn that Yolie and Cody also have the same strange Digivices as Davis. Later that night, Mimi unable to attend as she had moved to America, the original DigiDestined discuss the recent Digiworld crisis. The next day, the new DigiDestined are joined by Izzy and Sora Takenouchi in entering the Digital World as they meet up with Veemon, Patamon, Gatomon, Tentomon, and Biyomon. However, the group soon go under attack by the Digimon Emperor using a three-pronged attack by Snimon, Mojyamon, and Drimogumon to capture Davis and Veemon while driving the others off. The group eventually found two strange DigiEggs with Sora and Izzy's Crests, the two each giving Yolie and Cody encouraging words to claim them. This results in Yolie and Cody gaining their respective Digimon partners Hawkmon and Armadillomon before armor digivolving them into Halsemon and Digmon to save Davis and Veemon. 
03 "A New Digitude" ("Digimental Up")
"Dejimentaru Appu" (デジメンタルアップ) 
Takao Yoshizawa Genki Yoshimura April 16, 2000 August 26, 2000
The Davis's group travels to the DigiWorld on their own, only to be attacked by a group of Tyrannomon under the Digimon Emperor's control. Unable to digivolve their Digimon, T.K and Kari were forced to flee with their outmatched Digimon as Flamedramon, Halsemon, and Digmon hold their opposition off. But as the armored Digimon are eventually defeated, T.K and Kari discover what they learn to be their own Digieggs, causing their Digivices to transform while enabling Gatomon and Patamon to armor digivolve into Nefertimon and Pegasusmon to defeat the Tyrannomon. 
04 "Iron Vegiemon" ("Digimon Kaiser, King of Darkness")
"Yami no Ō Dejimon Kaizā" (闇の王デジモンカイザー) 
Takenori Kawada Hiro Masaki April 23, 2000 August 26, 2000
Gabumon is captured after causing an uprising in a Gazimon village, almost beaten to death by its enforcer RedVegiemon. The new DigiDestined after joined by T.K's older brother Matt Ishida in a rescue mission. During the battle with RedVegiemon and his Vegiemon followers, Gabumon suddenly digivolving into Garurumon after an obelisk is cracked, the DigiDestined learned that the Digimon Emperor controls his conquered territories and its enslaved denizens via Control Spires. 
05 "Old Reliable" ("Destroy the Dark Tower")
"Dāku Tawā o Taose" (ダークタワーを倒せ) 
Hiroki Shibata Reiko Yoshida April 30, 2000 September 2, 2000
Gomamon is now hostage to the Digimon Emperor, so Joe goes with the new DigiDestined to save him. But soon after they come into the Digiworld, Cody gets hurt, and Joe stays to help him. While the others attack the Control Spire, Joe and Cody get attacked by Shellmon and Ebidramon. Digmon defeats and frees Shellmon but is no match for Ebidramon. Luckily, the others destroy the Control Spire in time and Gomamon digivolves to Ikkakumon, frees Digmon and defeated Ebidramon. 
06 "Family Picnic" ("Dangerous Picnic")
"Kiken na Pikunikku" (危険なピクニック) 
Takahiro Imamura Yoshio Urasawa May 7, 2000 September 2, 2000
During Golden Week, Mimi Tachikawa makes a surprise return to Tokyo to join the new DigiDestined in having a picnic in the DigiWorld. But Yolie and Mimi get separated from after falling into a hole, ending up in the Night Forest which is under the Digimon Emperor's control, they find Palmon in before they are attacked by the enslaved Roachmon brothers. After they trick the Roachmon Brothers into cracking the Control Spire, Palmon is able to digivolve into Togemon to help Halsemon defeat the Roachmon Brothers. 
07 "Guardian Angel" ("Hikari's Memory")
"Hikari no Kioku" (ヒカリノキオク) 
Hiroyuki Kakudō Atsushi Maekawa May 14, 2000 September 9, 2000
After trying to destroy a control spire located in Fullmetal City, Kari is separated from the rest of the group. Davis and T.K. return to rescue her. Kari eventually manages to free Andromon from the dark ring's control and he destroys the Control Spire. 
08 "Ken's Secret" ("Loneliness of Digimon Kaiser")
"Dejimon Kaizā no Kodoku" (デジモンカイザーの孤独) 
Atsutoshi Umezawa Satoru Nishizono May 21, 2000 September 16, 2000
Davis' soccer team is playing against genius Ken Ichijouji's team. The next day, the DigiDestined fall into a trap the Digimon Emperor set up for them while putting Davis in a difficult position. Though the Digimon Emperor's scheme is foiled, he reveals himself as Ken to Davis. 
09 "The Emperor's New Home" ("Overdrive of the Evil Ring's Magic")
"Ībiru Ringu Maryoku no Bōsō" (イービルリング魔力の暴走) 
Takao Yoshizawa Genki Yoshimura May 28, 2000 September 23, 2000
After pondering his next move, Ken decides to take residence in the Digital World to expand his territory. He captures Agumon, and forces him to dark digivolve, resulting in the uncontrollable SkullGreymon. SkullGreymon ultimately exhausts himself and de-digivolves back to Agumon, but the Emperor gets away with him. 
10 "The Captive Digimon" ("The Enemy is MetalGreymon")
"Teki wa MetaruGureimon" (敵はメタルグレイモン) 
Takenori Kawada Hiro Masaki June 4, 2000 September 30, 2000
Ken, angry at his inability to control ultimate level, works an improved version of his Dark Ring. Wormmon, Ken's Digimon partner who is conflicted of his human's behavior, frees Agumon. However, as Agumon reunites with Tai, Ken recaptures him with his new Dark Spiral, and makes him dark digivolve into a viral MetalGreymon and attack the DigiDestined. 
11 "Storm of Friendship" ("Lightdramon, the Blue Thunder")
"Aoi Inazuma Raidoramon" (青い稲妻ライドラモン) 
Hiroki Shibata Genki Yoshimura June 11, 2000 October 7, 2000
Just after finding a new digi-egg, the DigiDestined are attacked by Flymon and MetalGreymon, under the control of the Emperor's improved Dark Spiral. Flymon nearly destroys Patamon, but Tentomon manages to find Garurumon who saves him. Davis eventually manage to activate the egg (after confirming his friendship to Veemon). Veemon armor digivolves to Raidramon and he and Garurumon destroy the spiral, freeing Agumon. 
12 "The Good, the Bad, and the Digi" ("Duel on the Digimon Ranch")
"Dejimon Bokujō no Kettō" (デジモン牧場の決闘) 
Takahiro Imamura Yoshio Urasawa June 18, 2000 October 14, 2000
Biyomon goes missing and, with T.K. and Kari unable to accompany them as usual, the new DigiDestined team help out Sora as they end up in a western town controlled by Ken through Starmon. The girls of the group are promptly freed by Deputymon to go and play cards with him. The boys manage to break out and Veemon digivolves to Flamedramon to fight Starmon. Flamedramon defeats Starmon and sends him flying into the Control Spire, destroying it. 
13 "His Master's Voice" ("The Call of Dagomon")
"Dagomon no Yobigoe" (ダゴモンの呼び声) 
Hiroyuki Kakudō Chiaki J. Konaka June 25, 2000 October 21, 2000
Having been experiencing strange dreams, Kari is dragged into a monochromic beach that is neither of the real world nor the DigiWorld. Kari eventually learns she is summoned to strange place by Divermon-like creatures called Scubamon, who served their master Dagomon before they were enslaved by Ken. As Kari and the Scubamon find themselves attacked by an Airdramon under Ken's control, T.K., Gatomon, and Patamon manage to reach their friend. However, Patamon is forced to fight on his own as Pegasusmon as Kari forgot her D-Terminal. Luckily, Pegasusmon destroys the Control Spire with Gatomon digivolving to Angewomon to destroy Airdramon while freeing the Scubamon from the Dark Spirals. Once freed, the Scubamon assume their true forms as they attempt to take Kari with them. But Angewomon prevents that and the Scubamon withdraw. After T.K, Kari, and their Digimon leave, Dragomon emerges from the ocean. 
14 "The Samurai of Sincerity" ("Shurimon of the Wind")
"Shippū no Shurimon" (疾風のシュリモン) 
Atsutoshi Umezawa Genki Yoshimura July 2, 2000 October 28, 2000
The new DigiDestined eat at a diner. The owner of the shop, Digitamamon, becomes angry because they do not have any money. Michael and Mimi come into the diner and pay the bill. Later, Digitamamon ends up controlled by a Dark Ring and hurts Mimi. Yolei activates the Digi-Egg of Sincerity armor digivolving Hawkmon to Shurimon (after finally giving Digitamamon the benefit of the doubt and promising to be sincere) to free the ultimate-level. 
15 "Big Trouble in Little Edo" ("Shurimon's Martial Arts")
"Shurimon Bugeichō" (シュリモン武芸帳) 
Takao Yoshizawa Atsushi Maekawa July 16, 2000 November 4, 2000
The DigiDestined travel to a town out of the Japanese Edo period. While fleeing the controlled Floramon and Mushroomon, they meet the ruler, ShogunGekomon. Shortly after, Ninjamon puts a spiral on ShogunGekomon and the DigiDestined must stop the rampaging digimon. 
16 "20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea" ("Escape from the Bottom of the Sea")
"Sabumarimon Kaitei kara no Dasshutsu" (サブマリモン海底からの脱出) 
Takenori Kawada Hiro Masaki July 23, 2000 November 4, 2000
A MegaSeadramon gets the DigiDestined stuck under an oil platform. Cody admits to being afraid of water, so the others force Cody to get help to overcome his fear. He finds Joe, and they come back to save the rest of the group, who found the Digi-egg of Reliability, Cody's second Digi-egg. Cody can't accept the egg because he lied to his grandfather. But thanks to a pep talk from Joe about some lies that can be helpful, Cody overcomes his self doubt and ends up using the Egg. The others are rescued by Joe and a Whamon while Submarimon and Ikkakumon defeat and free MegaSeadramon. At the end, Submarimon gives Cody a tour of the sea. 
17 "Ghost of a Chance" ("Odaiba Memorial")
"Odaiba Memoriaru" (お台場メモリアル) 
Hiroki Shibata Genki Yoshimura July 30, 2000 November 11, 2000
The DigiDestined, both old and new, come together and hold a memorial for the events that took place three years ago. Meanwhile, the TV Network has problems with their cameras and claim there is a ghost haunting the TV System. All the DigiDestined discover the ghost is really Wizardmon. Wizardmon tells them a cryptic message about how to defeat the Digimon Emperor before vanishing. 
18 "Run Yolei Run" ("Tracking Down the Base of the Kaiser!")
"Kaizā no Kichi o Oe!" (カイザーの基地を追え!) 
Takahiro Imamura Atsushi Maekawa August 6, 2000 November 11, 2000
The DigiDestined decide to remain in the DigiWorld until they locate Ken's base and so Tai, Matt, and Izzy get Matt's dad to take them on a camping trip to give the others time to complete their task without arousing suspicion. However, it gets complicated when Davis's sister Jun decides to invite herself and decides to follow the group when they leave her behind. Meanwhile Yolei's recklessness causes Hawkmon to be hurt. Kari and Gatomon stay behind with her before they learn Ken's base is a sky fortress. Meanwhile, having been working on for a while, Ken has almost finished creating a Digimon created from the data of various of other Digimon. 
19 "An Old Enemy Returns" ("The Synthetic Demon Beast, Kimeramon")
"Gōsei Majū Kimeramon" (合成魔獣キメラモン) 
Hiroyuki Kakudō Hiro Masaki August 13, 2000 November 18, 2000
While Davis and Veemon are forced to remain behind, as the latter has no flying form, the rest of the new DigiDestined infiltrate Ken's base at approaches the Dark Whirlpool. But while with Cody, T.K learns the eye of the Dark Whirlpool contains the remains of Devimon whose data Ken acquires to complete his creation. Reminded of the pain he suffered because of Devimon forcing Angemon to sacrifice himself, T.K personally confronts Ken as he releases his completed creation Kimeramon. T.K rejoins the others as they escape with the Digimon held captive in Ken's fortress. 
20 "The Darkness Before Dawn" ("The Miraculous Evolution! Gold Magnamon")
"Chōzetsu Shinka! Ōgon no Magunamon" (超絶進化! 黄金のマグナモン) 
Atsutoshi Umezawa Reiko Yoshida August 20, 2000 November 18, 2000
Though Kimeramon soundly defeats the DigiDestined when they attempt to fight the monster, the Digimon proves to be beyond Ken's control. Fearing for Ken, Wormmon leads Davis and Veemon to the power source of the base. It turns out to be a golden Digi-egg, which Davis uses to golden armor digivolve Veemon to Magnamon
21 "The Crest of Kindness" ("Good-Bye, Ken-chan!")
"Sayonara, Ken-chan…" (サヨナラ、賢ちゃん…) 
Takao Yoshizawa Atsushi Maekawa August 27, 2000 November 18, 2000
Kimeramon and Magnamon fight. Ken's base explodes, as Wormmon finally stands up to his partner for what he has become while giving all his very life forces to enable Magnamon to destroy Kimeramon. Refusing to accept defeat, Ken is revealed to have been under a delusion that his actions had no consequences. But the sight of Wormmon's death causes Ken to snap, mentioning his older brother Sam while his Digimon Emperor attire dissolved. Finding the Crest of Kindness where the DigiEgg of Miracles once stood, Davis hands it to Ken while telling him to go home to his parents. The DigiDestined return back to the real world, just as Davis's sister Jun catches up to the camp site where Matt and the others are. 
22 "Davis Cries Wolfmon" ("The Courageous Evolution! XV-mon")
"Gōyū Shinka! EkusuBuimon" (豪勇進化! エクスブイモン) 
Takenori Kawada Yoshio Urasawa September 3, 2000 December 2, 2000
After summer vacation ends, the DigiDestined return to the DigiWorld to help the Digimon with their reconstruction. While there, Davis, in an effort to catch Kari's attention, wants Veemon to digivolve naturally like Patamon. His effort only manages to anger a Tortomon that chases them across the land. Veemon digivolves to ExVeemon to fight him off. 
23 "Genesis of Evil" ("When the Digivice is Tainted by Darkness")
"Dejivaisu ga Yami ni Somaru Toki" (デジヴァイスが闇に染まる時) 
Hiroki Shibata Genki Yoshimura September 10, 2000 December 2, 2000
Still in a depression since Wormmon's death, Ken reminisces to three years ago when the events that resulted where he obtained his digivice and the death of his older brother boy genius Sam Ichijoji, which he wished for prior. Feeling guilty, Ken received an e-mail that played a role in his descent into madness as the Digimon Emperor. Soon after, Ken returns to the Digital World and ends up in Primary Village where, after promising to redeem himself for his sin, he is reunited with Wormmon in his infant form Leafmon. 
24 "If I had a Tail Hammer" ("Ankylomon – Warrior of the Earth")
"Daichi no Sōkō Ankiromon" (大地の装甲アンキロモン) 
Takahiro Imamura Reiko Yoshida September 17, 2000 December 9, 2000
After being reunited with Leafmon as he digivolves into Minomon, Ken encounters a strange woman in his room who knows of the e-mail he received years ago before entering the Digital World. The next day, while helping in the restoration,Davis, Kari, and T.K. find that their Digimon can't Digivolve naturally despite the Control Spires appearing to be deactivated since Ken's defeat. Cody is attacked by Thundermon, leading to Armadillomon's unexpected digivolution into Ankylomon. The DigiDestined are in doubt when Thundermon is killed by Ken and a mysterious Digimon. 
25 "Spirit Needle" ("Aquilamon – The Knight of the Sky")
"Ōzora no Kishi Akuiramon" (大空の騎士アクィラモン) 
Atsutoshi Umezawa Hiro Masaki September 24, 2000 December 9, 2000
The strange woman changes control spires into Digimon. She turns one into a Golemon who tries to destroy a dam. The DigiDestined cannot destroy Golemon and are forced to get Ken and Stingmon's (Wormmon's Champion form) help to destroy Golemon. After learning about the control spires and that she was wrong about Ken from Palmon who witnessed the truth, Yolei is able to help Hawkmon digivolve into Aquilamon who destroys Golemon. 
26 "United We Stand" ("Jogress Evolve Now, Hearts Together as One")
"Joguresu Shinka Ima, Kokoro o Hitotsu ni" (ジョグレス進化 今、心をひとつに) 
Hiroyuki Kakudō Genki Yoshimura October 1, 2000 February 3, 2001
The DigiDestined see that Ken's base is about to explode. However, the mysterious woman refuses to allow them to advance further by creating an Okuwamon from ten control spires. While Ken comes to their aid, he is intent on dealing with the crisis himself out of an atonement that will he die for if needed. But Davis refuses to allow this, telling Ken that they are friends. This causes Davis and Ken's D3s to glow as Exveemon and Stingmon suddenly fuse into a single Digimon. 
27 "Fusion Confusion" ("The Unparalleled Union! Paildramon")
"Muteki Gattai! Pairudoramon" (無敵合体! パイルドラモン) 
Takao Yoshizawa Atsushi Maekawa October 8, 2000 February 3, 2001
Having DNA digivolved from Exveemon and Stingmon, Paildramon holds off Okuwamon as the DigiDestined head to Ken's base. Though Ken places his crest of kindness into a slot in the base, it does not stop the countdown as the group reach the base's core. Luckily, having destroyed Oukwamon, Paildramon destroys the core and then the entire base before splitting into Leafmon and Veemon's infant form Chicomon. The next day, after given a lecture of DNA digivolution based on a previous event, Davis, Yolei, and Cody learn that T.K and Kari entered the Digital World prior with the others to relinquish their Crest powers, which is the reason why their Digimon partners can no longer digivolve beyond the Champion level. 
28 "The Insect Master's Trap" ("Bug Charmer's Trap!!")
"Konchū Tsukai no Wana!!" (昆虫使いの罠!!) 
Takenori Kawada Hiro Masaki October 15, 2000 February 3, 2001
The DigiDestined arrive at the giant Giga House, where the strange woman lies in wait while attacked by various bug Digimon. To make matters works, the mysterious woman uses her flute to place Stingmon and Digmon under her control as well. 
29 "Arukenimon's Tangled Web" ("Arukenimon, the Mistake of the Spider Woman")
"Arukenimon Kumojo no Misu" (アルケニモン 蜘蛛女のミス) 
Hiroki Shibata Hiro Masaki October 22, 2000 February 10, 2001
Yolei uses her experience with the Teenage Wolves to creates a counter melody to the strange woman's music. Left with no other option, the woman reveals herself to be a drider-like Digimon called Arukenimon and a fight breaks. However, Arukenimon ends up being humiliatingly defeated. Before Arukenimon could be interrogated, she is rescued by her companion Mummymon
30 "Ultimate Anti-Hero" ("The Dark Ultimate - BlackWarGreymon")
"Ankoku Kyūkyokutai BurakkuWōGureimon" (暗黒究極体ブラックウォーグレイモン) 
Takahiro Imamura Yoshio Urasawa October 29, 2000 February 10, 2001
While Cody's doubts towards Ken causes him to leave the group, Arukenimon plots her revenge on the DigiDestined. After pondering it, Arukenimon decides to combine 100 Control Spires to create a Digimon that would completely wipe out the DigiDestined. The end result is a evil-looking version of WarGreymon: BlackWarGreymon. Even after Yolei brings Ken back to the group so they could form Paildramon, BlackWarGreymon effortlessly defeats the DigiDestined. However, in a shocking turns of events, BlackWarGreymon refuses to finish the job and instead leaves Mummymon and Arukenimon. 
31 "Opposites Attract" ("Silphymon – The Storm of Love")
"Ai no Arashi Shirufīmon" (愛の嵐シルフィーモン) 
Atsutoshi Umezawa Reiko Yoshida November 5, 2000 February 17, 2001
While searching for Gatomon's tail ring, Yolei, Kari, Ken, and their Digimon stumble into the Dark Ocean. When they are attacked by Blossomon, another of Arukenimon's creations, Gatomon and Aquilamon DNA digivolve into 'Silphymon' (only after Yolei slaps Kari in the face, something Kari did earlier in the episode) and destroys Blossomon, freeing them. However, they do not find the Tail Ring. 
32 "If I Only had a Heart" ("Mysterious Ruins, Holy Stone")
"Nazo no Iseki Hōrī Sutōn" (謎の遺跡ホーリーストーン) 
Noriyo Sasaki Hiro Masaki November 12, 2000 February 17, 2001

Arukenimon and Mummymon eventually catch up to BlackWarGreymon, the former creating a group of Mammothmon to take him down. During the struggle, it's revealed that BlackWarGreymon developed a consciousness with Arukenimon deeming her creation a failure as she leaves him to ponder his purpose in life. As BlackWarGreymon has a discussion about life with Agumon, Arukenimon and Mummymon turn their attention to one of the fabled Destiny Stones.

Though the DigiDestined do their best to hold off Arukenimon, Mummymon, and Knightmon, the damage to the Destiny Stone attracts BlackGreymon as he shatters it. 
33 "A Chance Encounter" ("Miyako in Kyoto Today")
"Kyō no Miyako wa Kyō no Miyako" (今日のミヤコは京の都) 
Hiroyuki Kakudō Genki Yoshimura November 19, 2000 February 24, 2001
Yolei, while on a school trip, encounters BlackWarGreymon and several other Digimon in the real world after the mega just destroyed a second Destiny Stone. Ken brings her Poromon, who helps her to combat the bioemerging Digimon until they are suddenly brought back to the Digital World after Yolei and Hawkmon defeat Musyamon and return him there through a laptop. 
34 "Destiny in Doubt" ("Protect the Holy Point")
"Hōrī Pointo o Mamore" (ホーリーポイントを守れ) 
Takao Yoshizawa Reiko Yoshida November 26, 2000 February 24, 2001
When BlackWarGreymon destroy the third stone, a Digimon briefly appears and BlackWarGreymon becomes convinced that this is his worthy opponent. At the next site, despite Angemon digivolving to MagnaAngemon after he touches the Stone, the DigiDestined lose the battle, although MagnaAngemon nearly succeeds but fails due to the destruction of the stone and his power source. Gabumon tells the children about Agumon's discussion with their foe. 
35 "Cody Takes a Stand" ("Assault on BlackWarGreymon")
"Bakushin! BurakkuWōGureimon" (爆進! ブラックウォーグレイモン) 
Takenori Kawada Atsushi Maekawa December 3, 2000 March 3, 2001
Cody, worried about T.K., goes to see Matt, who tells him about how T.K. still carries the scars from the battle against Devimon. BlackWarGreymon destroys one of the final two destiny stones. 
36 "Stone Soup" ("The Steel Angel – Shakkoumon")
"Hagane no Tenshi Shakkoumon" (鋼の天使シャッコウモン) 
Hiroki Shibata Yoshi Urasawa December 10, 2000 March 10, 2001
The DigiDestined head out to eat at a Chinese restaurant owned by Digitamamon, only to find Arukenimon and Mummymon there as they badger the Digimon to tell them what his soup recipe is. Though they have advantage since their opponents are too hungry to properly fight back, Arukenimon and Mummymon chase after Digitamamon and end up finding the final destiny stone by accident at the soup springs. When BlackWarGreymon shows up, Angemon and Ankylomon DNA digivolve into 'Shakkoumon' as an epic battle between the DNA digivolved Digimon and BlackWarGreymon is about to begin. 
37 "Kyoto Dragon" ("The Gigantic Ultimate – Qinglongmon")
"Kyodai Kyūkyokutai Chinronmon" (巨大究極体チンロンモン) 
Atsutoshi Umezawa Genki Yoshimura December 17, 2000 March 17, 2001
While the DNA digivolved Digimon hold off BlackWarGreymon in what quickly becoming a losing fight, Davis gets the idea of moving the last Destiny Stone with the D3s. Instead of moving it, this summons Azulongmon, the Digimon that appeared as earlier destiny stones were destroyed. BlackWarGreymon attacks Azulongmon but quickly is defeated and reasoned with as he leaves to find his reason to exist. After explaining many such things as the true purpose of the control spires and armor digivolving, Azulongmon warns the group that Arukenimon works for their true enemy. After returning to their world, Davis sees a control spire nearby. 
38 "A Very Digi-Christmas" ("Holy Night the Big Digimon Reunion!")
"Horī Naito Dejimon Daishūgō!" (ホーリーナイト デジモン大集合!) 
Noriyo Sasaki Genki Yoshimura December 24, 2000 March 24, 2001
As Christmas approaches, the DigiDestined take on a festive mood. Ken goes so far as to throw a party (the first time he was truly happy in a long time). The younger group brings the Digimon partners of the original DigiDestined into the real world. Unfortunately, a group of rogue Digimon appear from no where at the Teenage Wolves' concert with assembled DigiDestined teams fighting them. After most of the Digimon are sent back through Izzy's laptop, Paildramon, Silphymon and Shakkoumon finish the job and the DigiDestined rejoice believing it is over. However, their holiday cheer ends when control spires and rampaging Digimon appear worldwide on Christmas day. 
39 "Dramon Power" ("All DigiDestined, In Action! Imperialdramon!")
"Zen'in Shutsudō! Inperiarudoramon" (全員出動! インペリアルドラモン) 
Hiroyuki Kakudō Atsushi Maekawa January 7, 2001 March 31, 2001
As Davis and Ken have to deal with a Triceramon running a rampage in the latter's district, the DigiDestined receive one of Azulongmon's Digicores from a rejuvenated Gennai, which results in not only restoring the original DigiDestined Digimons' ability to go to ultimate level, but allows Paildramon to mega digivolve into Imperialdramon as he and his humans partners get every Digimon on Japan. Soon after, Gennai gives the DigiDestined instructions to aid the other DigiDestined worldwide. After Japan's DigiDestined head out, Arukenimon and Mummymon begin the next phase of their plan. 
40 "Digimon World Tour, Part 1" ("New York, Hong Kong Super Melee!")
"Nyū Yōku Honkon Daikonsen!" (ニューヨーク香港大混戦!) 
Takao Yoshizawa Hiro Masaki January 14, 2001 April 7, 2001
As Davis joins up with Mimi and the American DigiDestined, Kari and Izzy receive help from the Poi Brothers in Hong Kong. 
41 "Digimon World Tour, Part 2" ("Coral and Versailles, the Rebel Fight")
"Sango to Berusaiyu Dairansen!" (サンゴとベルサイユ大乱戦!) 
Takenori Kawada Yoshio Urasawa January 21, 2001 April 14, 2001
In Australia, Cody and Joe meet with Derek to fight marine Digimon. In Paris, T.K. and Tai receive help from T.K.'s grandfather to save a French DigiDestined held in Versailles by the Mamemon brothers. 
42 "Digimon World Tour, Part 3" ("Love and Borscht, The Ferocious Battle")
"Koi to Borushichi Daigekisen!" (恋とボルシチ大激戦!) 
Hiroki Shibata Reiko Yoshida January 28, 2001 April 21, 2001
Ken and Matt help out a Mexican DigiDestined, while Sora and Yolei helped those in Russia and Siberia. Yolei and Sora are successful in Russia, but the conditions in Siberia prove too much for them and they lose. Before anything bad can happen to them, they're rescued by Imperialdramon who returns to bring them home and discovers them in trouble. They all return back to Japan, just in time for Christmas. However, as the Digidestined were traveling, Arukenimon and Mummymon have been gathering certain children. 
43 "Invasion of the Daemon Corps" ("Onslaught of the Daemon Army")
"Dēmon Gundan no Shūrai" (デーモン軍団の襲来) 
Atsutoshi Umezawa Genki Yoshimura February 4, 2001 April 28, 2001
After returning to Tokyo, Tai and Kari get into a discussion on how Davis, Yolie, and Cody never actually killed a Digimon like they and the others had. The day after Christmas, Tokyo comes under attack by a new threat: The Daemon Corps who are after Ken. SkullSatamon overwhelms Paildramon until the older DigiDestined Digimon relinquish the power they got from Azulongmon to enable Imperialdramon to transform from Dragon Mode to Fighter Mode to destroy SkullSatamon. Soon after, the DigiDestined have an encounter with Daemon as he explains all he wants is Ken. However, Ken is forced to turn himself in to Arukenimon's custody when she reveals the children she and Mummymon appeared to have abducted. 
44 "Dark Sun, Dark Spore" ("The Deadly Battle Against the Dark Digimon")
"Ankoku Dejimon to no Shitō" (暗黒デジモンとの死闘) 
Noriyo Sasaki Hiro Masaki February 11, 2001 April 28, 2001
As Ken meets Yukio Oikawa, the man who sent him the E-mail and wants to copy the data of the Dark Spore embedded in his neck into implant in gathered children, his friends are forced to fight their way through LadyDevimon and MarineDevimon to catch up to him. As a consequence, Yolie and Cody are forced to watch their Digimon partners in their DNA digivolve state kill the more dangerous opponents. Eventually, Daemon manages to stop Oikawa's van. 
45 "The Dark Gate" ("The Gate of Darkness")
"Ankoku no Gēto" (暗黒のゲート) 
Hiroyuki Kakudō Atsushi Maekawa February 18, 2001 May 5, 2001
Oikawa, having no more use for Ken, attempts to hand him off to Daemon. But Davis intervenes as the other DigiDestined arrive, only for Imperialdramon and the DNA digivolved Digimon to be powerless against Daemon. After Daemon reveals he can open portals to the Digital World, Ken takes a big risk to redirect the portal to the Dark Ocean with Daemon sucked into it. Oikawa then has the gathered children scatter as he and his followers escape. 
46 "Duel of the WarGreymon" ("BlackWarGreymon vs. WarGreymon")
"BurakkuWōGureimon VS WōGureimon" (ブラックウォーグレイモンVSウォーグレイモン) 
Takao Yoshizawa Hiro Masaki February 25, 2001 May 5, 2001
BlackWarGreymon confronts Oikawa, who tells him the truth about his creation. The Digimon tries to destroy Oikawa, but is stopped by both WarGreymon (which was the result of another power boost Agumon received from Azulongmon) and Imperialdramon. After a fierce battle, they plead with BlackWarGreymon to befriend them. 
47 "BlackWarGreymon's Destiny" ("The Seal of BlackWarGreymon")
"BurakkuWōGureimon no Fūin" (ブラックウォーグレイモンの封印) 
Takenori Kawada Genki Yoshimura March 4, 2001 May 12, 2001
One of the children's Dark Spores grows into a Dark Flower, which is harvested by Oikawa despite the DigiDestined's best efforts to stop him. Cody's grandfather tries to convince Oikawa to give up villainy, but fails. Before Oikawa can kill him, however, BlackWarGreymon takes the fatal blast. The dying mega uses the last remnants of power to seal the digital gate at Highton View Terrace. Also, it is revealed that Oikawa is actually possessed by a dark force, one that BlackWarGreymon recognizes but doesn't identify before his death. 
48 "Oikawa's Shame" ("The Terror of BelailVamdemon")
"Kyōfu! BeriraruVandemon" (恐怖! ベリアルヴァンデモン) 
Hiroki Shibata Hiro Masaki March 11, 2001 May 12, 2001
Oikawa and the children infected with the Dark Spores try to go to the DigiWorld, but, due to BlackWarGreymon's sealing of the gate, travel to a different world. There, the force possessing Oikawa reveals itself and Gatomon recognizes it to be voice of Myotismon. Having been rendered incorporeal since his death as VenomMyotismon, Mytoismon's essence took refuse in the body of a depressed Oikawa and used the human's desire to enter the Digital World to orchestrate his resurrection. Emerging from Oikawa's body, Myotismon absorbs the Dark Flowers and becomes the demon-lord Digimon MaloMyotismon before destroying Arukenimon to test his new power and then Mummymon out of sheer cruelty. While the others are fearful, especially TK and Kari seeing their old enemy's new form, only Davis refuses to back down as he and Exveemon attack MaloMyotismon head on. 
49 "The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined" ("The Last Armor Evolution")
"Saigo no Āmā Shinka" (最後のアーマー進化) 
Atsutoshi Umezawa Atsushi Maekawa March 18, 2001 May 19, 2001
MaloMyotismon tempts the DigiDestined with illusions of their dreams coming true, but Davis, whose dream was that ExVeemon could grow more powerful to defeat the villain, guides them out. The others follow his example, causing the Digimon to assume their various forms at once. Unfortunately, the final attack of all the Digimon blows MaloMyotismon into the DigiWorld, leaving only Imperialdramon, Silphymon and Shakkoumon to face the demon lord Digimon as he increases his powers by absorbing the darkness and then spreading it over both worlds. 
50 "A Million Points of Light" ("Our Digital World")
"Bokura no Dejitaru Wārudo" (ぼくらのデジタルワールド) 
Hiroyuki Kakudō Genki Yoshimura March 25, 2001 May 19, 2001
The six DigiDestined, assisted by DigiDestined all over the world and Oikawa's gathered children, destroy MaloMyotismon by revealing their hopes and dreams which weaken him to the point he loses his physical form before Imperialdramon extinguishes the evil Digimon for good with his Giga Crusher attack. Oikawa, on the verge of death as Cody tried to get him into the Digital World, uses the power of the dream dimension to become data and restore the DigiWorld to its original state. Twenty-five years later, when everyone in the Real World has a Digimon partner, both groups of DigiDestined are grown and their children now hold the responsibility of protecting the worlds. 

Volume DVDs[edit]

Japanese release[edit]

Toei Video, the distribution arm of Toei Animation, released a total of 12 DVD compilations of Digimon Adventure 02 in Japan between January 21 and December 7, 2001. The series was also released as a 9-disc boxed set on December 22, 2006, by Happinet Pictures.[15]

Toei Video DVD releases
Volume Released Discs Episodes   Volume Released Discs Episodes
1 January 21, 2001[16] 1 4 7 July 21, 2001[17] 1 4
2 February 21, 2001[18] 1 4 8 August 10, 2001[19] 1 4
3 March 21, 2001[20] 1 4 9 September 21, 2001[21] 1 4
4 April 21, 2001[22] 1 4 10 October 21, 2001[23] 1 4
5 May 21, 2001[24] 1 4 11 November 11, 2001[25] 1 5
6 June 21, 2001[26] 1 4 12 December 7, 2001[27] 1 5

North American release[edit]

New Video Group released the season on March 26, 2013.[28]

  • Digimon: Digital Monsters, Volume 4 (Episodes 1–21)
  • Digimon: Digital Monsters, Volume 5 (Episodes 22–37)
  • Digimon: Digital Monsters, Volume 6 (Episodes 38–50)

Australian release[edit]

Two collections of the season (each containing 25 episodes) are to be released by Madman Entertainment. The first collection was released on 5 December 2012 with the second collection been released in 2013.

Collection Release Date Episodes
1 5 December 2012 25 (1–25)
2 17 April 2013 25 (26–50)

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