List of Kindred of the East books

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A comprehensive list of Kindred of the East books, published by White Wolf, Inc., including production code and ISBN.

Kindred of the East[edit]

Book Name White Wolf Product Number ISBN Number Note
Kindred of the East WW2900 ISBN 1-56504-232-8 Core Rulebook
Kindred of the East Companion WW2901 ISBN 1-56504-223-9
The 1000 Hells WW2902 ISBN 1-56504-226-3
Shadow War WW2903 ISBN 1-56504-227-1
Dharma Book: Devil-Tigers WW2904 ISBN 1-56504-239-5
Dharma Book: Bone Flowers WW2905 ISBN 1-56504-240-9
Dharma Book: Thousand Whispers WW2906 ISBN 1-58846-200-5
Dharma Book: Thrashing Dragons WW2907 ISBN 1-58846-211-0
Dharma Book: Resplendent Cranes WW2908 ISBN 1-58846-221-8
Half-Damned: Dhampyr WW2920 ISBN 1-56504-247-6
San Francisco by Night WW2921 ISBN 1-58846-231-5
Heresies of the Way WW2922 ISBN 1-58846-232-3
Killing Streets WW2930 ISBN 1-58846-208-0
Blood & Silk WW2935 ISBN 1-56504-242-5 A Kindred of the East sourcebook during the Vampire: The Dark Ages historical setting
Sunset Empires WW9238 ISBN 1-58846-233-1 Originally only sold in an electronic format, the book entered DriveThru's Print on Demand service