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This list of Le Corbusier buildings categorizes the work of the architect.

Name City State/
Designed Completed Other Information Image
Villa Fallet La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland 1905 1906 heritage listed Villa Fallet
Villa Stotzer 6, Chemin de Pouillerel La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland 1907 1908 heritage listed Villa Stotzer La Chaux Aug 2013.jpg
Villa Jeanneret-Perret La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland 1912 1912 heritage listed Villa Jeanneret-Perret
Villa Schwob La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland 1916 1916 heritage listed Villa Schwob
Château d'eau of Château Chavat Podensac France 1917 heritage listed
Villa Besnus (Ker-Ka-Ré) Paris France 1922 1922 completely altered[1]
Ozenfant House and Studio Paris France 1922 heritage listed (1975)[1]
Villa Le Lac Corseaux Switzerland 1923 heritage listed; World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Cors04.jpg
Villa La Roche Paris France 1923 1925 heritage listed (1996);[3] World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Villa La Roche 2013.jpg
Villa Jeanneret Paris France 1923 1925 World Heritage Site (2016)[2]
Pavillon de L'Esprit Nouveau Paris France 1924 1924 destroyed; replica built in 1977 in Bologna, Italy Pavillon L'Esprit Nouveau
Cité Frugès Pessac France 1924 1926 World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Cité Frugès, Pessac 08
Planeix House 24 bis, Boulevard Masséna, Paris France 1925 1928 heritage listed (1976)[1]
Villa Cook Boulogne-sur-Seine France 1926 1926
Maison Guiette/Les Peupliers Antwerp Belgium 1926 1926 House and studio for Rene Guilette; World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Antwerp Corbusier Maison Guiette 01.jpg
Villa Ternisien 5, Allee des Pins, Boulogne-sur-Seine, Paris France 1926 The remains of this building can be clearly seen today beneath the four storey block which was built over it. Demolished 1935[1]
Villa Stein Garches, Paris France 1926 1927 heritage listed (1975)[1]
Villas at Weissenhof Estate Stuttgart Germany 1927 World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Villa Le Corbusier, Weissenhof
Villa Savoye Poissy-sur-Seine, France France 1928 1931 heritage listed (1965);[1] World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Villa Savoye
Tsentrosoyuz Moscow Soviet Union 1928 1933
Villa Baizeau Tunis Tunisia 1928 1930 Villa Baizeau.jpg
Cité du Refuge of the Armée du Salut Paris France 1929 1933
Pavillon Suisse Cité Universitaire, Paris France 1930 1930
Maison Errazuriz Chile Chile 1930
Immeuble Clarté Geneva Switzerland 1930 1932 heritage listed (1986); World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Immeuble Clarté, Geneva
Immeuble Molitor 24, rue Nungessor & Coli, 75016 Paris France 1931 1934 Apartment building with similar facades to two streets. Contains le Corbusier's own apartment; World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Immeuble Molitor, Paris
Palace of the Soviets Moscow Soviet Union 1931 - unbuilt competition design
Palace of Ministry of National Education and Public Health Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1936 (as a consultant to Lucio Costa,
Oscar Niemeyer and others)


Usine Claude et Duval Saint-Dié-des-Vosges France 1946 1946 World Heritage Site (2016)[2]
Unité d'Habitation Marseille France 1945 1952 World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Unite d'Habitation, Marseille.jpg
Curutchet House La Plata Argentina 1949 1953 National Historic Monument of Argentina; World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Curutchet House
United Nations headquarters New York City United States 1952 (Consultant) United Nations headquarters
Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut Ronchamp France 1950 1954 World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Notre Dame du Haut
Cabanon de vacances Roquebrune-Cap-Martin France 1949 1951 With Jacques Michel, Jean Prouve and Charles Berberis; World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Cabanon de vacances
Work shack Cap Martin France 1954 1954 A small workroom at end of path beside the Cabanon
Maisons Jaoul Neuilly-sur-Seine France 1951 1956 heritage listed (1966)[1] Maisons Jaoul
Mill Owners' Association Building Ahmedabad India 1951 1951 Mill Owners' Association Building
Villa Sarabhai Ahmedabad India 1951
Villa Shodhan Ahmedabad India 1951 1956 Model of Villa Shodhan
Sanskar Kendra Museum Ahmedabad India 1951 1956 Sanskar Kendra Museum.JPG
Palace of Justice Chandigarh India 1952 World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Punjab and Haryana High Court
Museum and Art Gallery Chandigarh India 1952 1968 Museum and Gallery of Art, Chandigarh
Secretariat Building Chandigarh India 1953 1953 World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Secretariat Building, Chandigarh
Governor's Palace Chandigarh India 1953 unbuilt
Palace of Assembly Chandigarh India 1955 World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Palace of Assembly
Baghdad Gymnasium Baghdad Iraq 1956
Unité d'Habitation of Nantes-Rezé Nantes France 1953 1955 heritage listed (2001)[1] Unité d'Habitation of Nantes-Rezé in the background
Unité d'Habitation of Briey Briey en Forêt France 1956 1957 heritage listed (1993)[1]
National Museum of Western Art Tokyo Japan 1957 1959 World Heritage Site (2016)[2] National Museum of Western Art
Maison du Brésil Cité Universitaire, Paris France 1957 1959 heritage listed (1985)[1] Maison du Brésil
Unité d'Habitation of Berlin Charlottenburg, Flatowallee 16, Berlin Germany 1957 1958 Heritage listed[4] Unité d'Habitation of Berlin
Unité d'Habitation of Meaux Meaux France 1957
Unite de Camping Cap Martin France 1957 1957 Small camping hostel adjoining Cabanon
Philips Pavilion at the 1958 World Expositon Brussels Belgium 1958 1958 Iannis Xenakis
was assigned to build it
Philips Pavilion
Government College of Art (GCA) and the Chandigarh College of Architecture(CCA) Chandigarh India 1950 1959 Chandigarh College of Architecture
Sainte Marie de La Tourette near Lyon France 1953 1960 with Iannis Xenakis; World Heritage Site (2016)[2] Sainte Marie de La Tourette 2007.jpg
Center for Electronic Calculus, Olivetti Milan Italy 1961
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts United States 1961 1962 Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
Unité d'Habitation of Firminy-Vert Firminy France 1960 1964 heritage listed (1993)[1]
Firminy-Vert Stadium Firminy France 1965 1966 heritage listed (1984)[1]
Maison de la Culture de Firminy Firminy France 1956 1965 heritage listed (1984)[1] World Heritage Site (2016)[2]
Heidi Weber Museum Zurich Switzerland 1963 1967 heritage listed Heidi Weber Museum
Church of Saint-Pierre, Firminy Firminy France 1960 2006 (built posthumously and completed
under José Oubrerie's guidance in 2006)
Baghdad Gymnasium Baghdad Iraq 1956 1980

Le Corbusier projects which were never built[edit]

  • 1914 Dom-ino House
  • 1916-21 Poiret House
  • 1919 Monol Houses
  • 1920 Citrohan House (1st version)
  • 1922 Citrohan House (2nd version)
  • 1922 Artists studios
  • 1936 Paul Bowlard House, Little Dole, Sussex, UK
  • 1942 Peyrissac House, Cherchal, Algeria


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