List of Marathi films of 1936

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A list of films produced by the Marathi language film industry based in Maharashtra in the year 1936.

1936 Releases[edit]

A list of Marathi films released in 1936.

Year Film Director Cast Release Date Production Notes Source
1936 Savkari Pash Baburao Painter Vishnupant Aundhkar, Gulabbai, Gopal Mandhare Shalini Cinetone This was the first remake of Indian Cinema.Its a remake of 1925 silent Marathi film Savkari Pash. This is also the first realistic movie of Indian Cinema. [1]
Chhaya Master Vinayak Master Vinayak, Leela Chitnis, Indira Wadkar Huns Pics Simultaneously made in Marathi and Hindi [2][3]
Pundalik Vishram Bedekar, Vamanrao N. Bhat [4]
Savitri Bhalji Pendharkar [5]
Sant Tukaram Vishnupant Govind Damle,Sheikh Fattelal Vishnupant Pagnis, Gauri, B. Nandrekar 24 October 2013 (UK)/12 December 1936 (India) Prabhat Films The first Indian film to run in a single theatre for more than a year.Declared one of the best three films at Venice Film Festival [6]


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