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Sindhi movies, are films in Sindhi language or with Sindhi ethnic emphasis, date back to the 1950s. As post-independence of British India, they are found both in Pakistan, India and as a part of the Indian diaspora in many parts of the world.


After the independence of India and Pakistan, Sindhi movies are produced in Pakistan, India and elsewhere in the world. Umar Marvi was the first ever Sindhi feature film released in Pakistan in 1956. An early success was Abana [1] , released in 1958 in black and white. Bollywood style movies are now being produced in India, such as Hal Ta Bhajee Haloon, Parewari, and Dil Dije Dilwaran Khe. "Pyar Kare Dis : Feel the Power of Love" is recent high budget addition in India, released in 2007. An abstract style film in Sindhi language was released in 2013 "Faatho aah bhagwaan" successfully completed 105 shows in just 1 city (Ulhasnagar).. yet pending to release globally.[2][3]

Present Times[edit]

Ashok-Anil Multiplex provides multiple shows for Sindhi films in the Ulhasnagar and Mumbai Metropolitan Region.[4]

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