List of Syriac Patriarchs of Antioch from 512 to 1783

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The Syriac Patriarch of Antioch is the head of the Syriac Church, with legacy claimed since 1783 by the Syriac Catholic Church and the Syriac Orthodox Church. The following is a list of primates who have held that office from 512 to the split of 1783.

Syriac Patriarchs of Antioch from 512 to 1783[edit]

(Severus was deposed in 518 and exiled to Egypt, but was recognized as the lawful Patriarch by many Syriac Christians until his death in 538)
John was deposed but claimed the Patriarchate until 1091.

Syriac Patriarchs of Antioch after 1783[edit]

With the enthronement on 22 January 1783 of Ignatius Michael III Jarweh the Syriac Church split in the Orthodox and the Catholic part:

Patriarchs of Tur Abdin (1364–1816)[edit]

From 1364 to 1816 the region of Tur Abdin constituted a separate Patriarchate, with the following patriarchs:[3]

  • Ignatius Saba of Salah (1364–1389)
  • Ignatius Isho' of Midhyat (1389–1418), died 1421
  • Ignatius Mas'ud of Salah (1418–1420)
  • Ignatius Henoch of 'Ayn Ward (1421–1444)
  • Ignatius Qoma of Ba Sabrina (1444–1454)
  • Ignatius Isho' of Salah (1455–1460)
  • Ignatius 'Aziz (Philoxene) of Basila (1460–1482)
  • Ignatius Saba of Arbo (1482–1488)
  • Ignatius John Qofer of 'Ayn Ward (1489–1492)
  • Ignatius Mas'ud of Zaz (1492–1512)
  • Ignatius Isho' of Zaz (1515–1524)
  • Ignatius Simon of Hattakh (1524–1551)
  • Ignatius Jacob of Hisn (1551–1571)
  • Ignatius Sahdo of Midhyat (1584–1621)
  • Ignatius 'Abd Allah of Midhyat (1628–?)
  • Ignatius Habib of Midhyat (1674–1707)
  • Ignatius Denha of 'Arnas (1707–1725)
  • Ignatius Barsum of Midhyat (1740–1791)
  • Ignatius Aho of Arbo (1791–?)
  • Ignatius Isaiah of Arbo (?–1816)

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