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This is an episode listing of Gonzo's Witchblade (ウィッチブレイド, Witchibureido) anime series.

Witchblade premiered across Japan through TBS from April 5, 2006 to September 20, 2006 and in the United States through IFC from January 4, 2008 to June 13, 2008

Episode list[edit]

# Title Original airdate English airdate
01 "The Beginning"
"Shi" (始) 
April 5, 2006 January 4, 2008
Six years after losing her memory, Masane Amaha returns to Tokyo with her daughter Rihoko to start a new life. But after trying to stop the NSWF, who wants to separate them, she ends up in jail. There she is attacked by a monster and awakens a mysterious power called the Witchblade. 
02 "Bewilderment"
"Waku" (惑) 
April 12, 2006 January 11, 2008
After awakening the immense powers and abilities of the Witchblade, Masane is captured and used as a test subject. Meanwhile, Rihoko escapes from the NSWF and starts to search for her. Masane is informed of her role as bearer of the Witchblade and forced to fight an I-Weapon. 
03 "Defiance"
"Kō" (抗) 
April 19, 2006 January 18, 2008
After savagely destroying an I-Weapon, Masane receives an offer to work for Takayama, but she only cares about looking for her daughter. Later, Takayama is contacted by a mysterious woman who has a bracelet similar to the Witchblade. 
04 "Movement"
"Dō" (動) 
April 26, 2006 January 25, 2008
Masane and Rihoko start to look for a place to live. Meanwhile the appearance of the Witchblade starts to draw the attention of the NSWF leader Furumizu. Masane is confronted by the Neogenes. 
05 "Search"
"Tan" (探) 
May 3, 2006 February 1, 2008
In search for the truth, Tozawa tries to interrogate Masane but she refuses to talk. Masane learns of the NSWF's Cloneblades. Meanwhile, Shiori, one of the Cloneblades, decides to challenge the bearer of the real Witchblade for a fight. 
06 "Change"
"Hen" (変) 
May 10, 2006 February 8, 2008
Masane was badly injured in her fight against Shiori and had to be rescued by Dohji's men. Tozawa, who witnessed the match, decided to investigate Masane's employers. Reina starts to investigate the strange behavior Shiori has been showing after her bout with Masane. 
07 "Past"
"Ka" (過) 
May 17, 2006 February 15, 2008
Masane, while recovering from her fight with Shiori, gets to know Takayama and Reina were in love in the past. Shiori goes berserk from overuse of the Cloneblade, unlocking a new level of power in the process, and attacks Masane again. After beating her, Shiori's blade breaks down causing her body to crystallize. 
08 "Reciprocity"
"Go" (互) 
May 24, 2006 February 22, 2008
An Ex-Con suddenly attacks Tozawa and Masane in their investigation, and Masane is forced to wield the Witchblade in front of the journalist. In the fight, Masane senses something different about the Ex-Con. Meanwhile, Reina tries to make contact with Rihoko. 
09 "Sadness"
"Ai" (哀) 
May 31, 2006 February 29, 2008
Masane and Tozawa get to know an incredible fact about the Ex-Con series. After talking to Nakata they realize that the Ex-Con is human. In a battle, Masane regretfully destroys the Ex-Con. 
10 "Interaction"
"Kō" (交) 
June 7, 2006 March 7, 2008
Masane accompanies Takayama to a party and conflicts there with Wado, Takayama's rival at Dohji. She discovers that Ex-Cons are manufactured from corpses signed over to Dohji. 
11 "Danger"
"Ki" (危) 
June 14, 2006 March 14, 2008
Maria, a new generation of Neogenes, is introduced. During the time Rihoko is in the hospital, a Cloneblade, Nora, attacks Masane to kidnap the real Witchblade bearer and succeeds. 
12 "Prisoner"
"Shū" (囚) 
June 21, 2006 March 21, 2008
Masane has been captured. Nishida, a researcher of the NSWF, finds from Masane's data that Reina actually is not a potential bearer of the Witchblade. Masane escapes from the NSWF with Takayama and Tozawa's help. Masane receives startling news about her relation to Rihoko. 
13 "Separation"
"Betsu" (別) 
June 28, 2006 March 28, 2008
A government agent tells that Masane is not a true parent and she needs to get Rihoko back to her real mother. After hearing it, they run away and hide themselves. Nishida sends Nora there to capture Rihoko, knowing of her compatibility with the Witchblade, but Reina interrupts. In a fight, Reina kills Nora. Masane gives Rihoko to Reina after thinking she's unfit to be her mother. 
14 "Family"
"Ka" (家) 
July 5, 2006 April 4, 2008
Rihoko begins to live at Reina's house. Takayama takes a disappointed Masane out to where she had lived before the earthquake disaster. In the NSWF, Maria is looking forward to meeting her "mom". 
15 "Bonds"
"Han" (絆) 
July 12, 2006 April 11, 2008
Masane stays over with Takayama. Meanwhile, Maria rushes out to meet Reina, her "genetic" mother, but her hope turns into madness when she finds Reina does not love her at all. In her fit of rage, Maria kills Reina. Before dying she tells Takayama of her feelings. 
16 "Relaxation"
"Kei" (憩) 
July 19, 2006 April 18, 2008
Masane, Rihoko and their neighbors go to the beach. Masane spends her momentary but peaceful hours. She also learns that Rihoko may be in line to take on the Witchblade, to which she promises not to let that happen. She is also horrified to learn the Witchblade may kill her. 
17 "Confusion"
"Saku" (錯) 
July 26, 2006 April 25, 2008
Masane, shocked by words of Takayama's secretary Segawa, begins to show her excessive love for Rihoko. Tozawa gets information of the personal history of Furumizu. Wado puts into action his plan to eliminate Takayama as his competition by unveiling the Ultimateblade, a blade created to be wielded by a man. 
18 "Turn"
"Ten" (転) 
August 2, 2006 May 2, 2008
The connection between Dohji and the serial murder case becomes public, and Takayama loses his position to Wado. Meanwhile, Masane's too much passion to Rihoko embarrasses the daughter and the neighbors. 
19 "Feelings"
"Shi" (思) 
August 9, 2006 May 9, 2008
Takayama disappears. Masane, ignoring him and restarting to work under Wado at first, gradually accepts her true feelings and finally visits Takayama and the two kiss. But an Ultimateblade, sent by Wado, attacks them and Masane confronts it. In the fight, the Witchblade transforms and then shows signs of breakdown. Meanwhile, "grown up" Maria kills Furumizu. 
20 "Request"
"Gan" (願) 
August 16, 2006 May 16, 2008
Maria takes over the NSWF. Meanwhile, after Takayama's "dating" with Rihoko, planned by Masane, an assassin falls on them. This incident makes Masane wield the Witchblade in front of her daughter. Masane collapses after the fight. 
21 "Vow"
"Sei" (誓) 
August 30, 2006 May 23, 2008
It becomes apparent that Masane's body is breaking down from the Witchblade's power. Masane tries to remove the Witchblade to resist her fate. After realizing it is useless, she swears to drag the Witchblade with her to Hell. 
22 "Inform"
"Koku" (告) 
September 6, 2006 May 30, 2008
Masane, prepared for her death, takes Rihoko to a picnic to say farewell to her daughter. Meanwhile, Wado sends out several I-Weapons to try to capture the Witchblade, which the public has learned of its existence. 
23 "Chaos"
"Ran" (乱) 
September 13, 2006 June 6, 2008
The residents of Masane's apartment building learn of her secret. The tremendous power of the Witchblade makes Dohji's 3800 autonomous weapons rampage and begin to aim at the bearer. After knowing it, doomed Masane proceeds to her last battle place. 
24 "Light"
"Kō" (光) 
September 20, 2006 June 13, 2008
Dohji's thousands of weapons and Maria attack Masane one after another, and the Bladewielder confronts them with her body increasingly collapsed. Rihoko, watching the mother's battle through TV live news, cannot help but rush out to where Masane is. In an act of self sacrifice, Masane uses every ounce of power in the Witchblade to destroy herself, the Witchblade, and every single I-Weapon.