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Napoleon and Sally, 1916 film

This is a list of nonhuman apes of encyclopedic interest. It includes individual apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, orangutans and gibbons) which are in some way famous or notable.

Ape actors[edit]

Ape artists[edit]

  • Congo (1954 - 1964)—chimpanzee, abstract impressionist of the late 1950s
  • Koko (born 1971)—gorilla, widely believed to be able to communicate with humans through sign language
  • Michael (1973 - 2000)—silverback gorilla, impressionist painter, was taught American sign language with Koko
  • Peter, aka Pierre Brassau, a chimpanzee, was the subject of a famous hoax through which the chimp's paintings were presented as the avant-garde works of unknown French (human) artist "Pierre Brassau".

Scientific apes[edit]

Zoo apes[edit]

  • Ah Meng (circa 18 June 1960—8 February 2008) was a female Sumatran orangutan and a tourism icon of Singapore.
  • Bill (1946–2007), a long-lived chimpanzee, resided at Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, California for over 50 years.[22]
  • Binti Jua, a gorilla, saved a boy in 1996.
  • Bobo (1951–1968), a western lowland gorilla, lived in the Lowman family home in Anacortes, Washington from his infancy until 1953, and then Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle until his death.
  • Bokito (born 1996), a silverback gorilla, escaped from the Blijdorp Zoo on May 18, 2007 and injured a woman.
  • Bushman, a famous gorilla from Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, died in 1951. While alive, he brought over 100 million visitors to the zoo; his taxidermic remains can now be seen at Chicago's Field Museum.[23]
  • Charles (born 1972), a wild-born silverback western lowland gorilla, resides at the Toronto Zoo and since 1974 has been renowned for his artwork.
  • Charlie the Chimp (1958–2010), a chimpanzee in a South African Zoo, was taught to smoke and was able to walk upright.[24]
  • Colo (born 1956) is the first gorilla born in captivity and the oldest gorilla in captivity. She was born and lives in the Columbus Zoo.
  • Fifi, the matriarch of the chimpanzees at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, died on July 19, 2007 at age 60.[25]
  • Gust (1952 - 11 April 1988) was a Congolese gorilla that became an icon of the Antwerp Zoo
  • Guy the Gorilla (1946–1978) was a famous gorilla in London Zoo.
  • Harambe (1999-2016) was a gorilla shot dead at the Cincinnati Zoo after a child fell into his enclosure.[26]
  • Jabari, a 300-lb gorilla at the Dallas Zoo, received national attention when, on Mar. 18, 2004, he escaped and attacked four people, including a toddler during a 40-minute rampage inside the jungle exhibit before being shot to death by police. He was the son of Charles the Gorilla.[27]
  • Jambo (1961–1992), a gorilla, cared for a boy who fell into his enclosure.
  • Jenny (1953–2008), a western lowland gorilla, lived at the Dallas Zoo from 1957 until her death, and was the oldest gorilla in captivity at the time of her death.
  • Jumoke (1989—2008)—western lowland gorilla and the granddaughter of Colo
  • Ken Allen (1971–2000)—Bornean orangutan at the San Diego Zoo known for his escape artistry
  • Louie (chimpanzee) - (2004-2011) - Louie was retired to the LRZ by his owners after a career in the entertainment industry. He was retired to LRZ with his older brother, Mikey.
  • Massa (1930–1984)—silverback, the second-longest-lived gorilla ever recorded, and longest-lived male in captivity, died at age 54
  • Max (1971–2004)—gorilla in the Johannesburg Zoo, famously apprehended a criminal in 1997, getting shot twice in the process
  • Pattycake (1972–2013), first baby gorilla born in New York, mother of 10, later died in captivity at Bronx Zoo
  • Samson (1949-1981)—for many years the face of the Milwaukee County Zoo, one of the largest silverback gorillas on record, weighing 652 lbs in 1973[28]
  • Santino, a male chimpanzee at Furuvik zoo in Sweden, was notable for having the cognitive skills for forward planning (calmly collecting stones, and later throwing them at visitors).
  • Sebastian—former resident of the animal orphanage near Nairobi National Park, Kenya, famous for smoking and not requiring a cage.[29]
  • Snowflake (1964-2003), the only known albino lowland gorilla in history anywhere.
  • Temara (born 1993), the first zoo-reared female Sumatran orangutan, was released into Bukit Tigapuluh National Park by Perth Zoo in 2006.[30]
  • Willie B. (1959–2000), a silverback gorilla kept in isolation for 27 years, became head of a troop and father of five.
  • Yeroen, a chimpanzee at the Arnhem Zoo, was the star of de Waal's "Chimpanzee Politics".[31]

Circus apes[edit]

Ape politicians[edit]

Pet apes[edit]

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