List of works of art at Hampton Court Palace

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Artworks at Hampton Court Palace belong to the Royal Collection and are subject to change. They are displayed in several parts of the palace, including the new Cumberland Gallery.[1] In September 2015, the Royal Collection recorded 542 works (only those with images) as being located at Hampton Court, mostly paintings and furniture, but also ceramics and sculpture. The full current list can be obtained from their website.[2] They include:

Apart from the paintings some important tapesteries are displayed, including:

  • The Story of Abraham – Flemish, set of 10 tapestries commissioned by Henry VIII in the early 1540s, 6 of which are displayed in the Great Hall.
  • Conflict of Virtues and Vice – Flemish, c1500, probably bought by Cardinal Wolsey in 1522.
  • The Story of Alexander the Great – Brussels, late 17th century, in the Queen's Gallery.
  • The Labours of Hercules & The Triumph of Bacchus – Brussels, purchased by Henry VIII in the 1540s, in the King's Presence Chamber.

Moved away by 2015[edit]


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