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This is a list of notable individuals who were buried at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., as well as those who are memorialized by cenotaphs. In particular, many U.S. senators and U.S representatives are memorialized by cenotaphs at the cemetery.

Specialized terminology is used on this list. The term cenotaph includes not only monuments that are "empty tombs" or where the body is buried elsewhere, but also the graves of Congressmen who died in office which are marked by the particular style of cenotaph designed by Benjamin Latrobe for the Cemetery. "Congressman" refers to any U.S. senator or representative. A range/site listing, e.g. R31/S44, after a name gives the location of the grave or cenotaph according to the cemetery's location system.

Congressional cenotaphs[1][edit]

Graves of Anna and William Thornton
John Quincy Adams

William Thornton (1759–1828), first Architect of the Capitol, is the only person who did not serve as a congressman to be honored with one of the cenotaphs designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe at the Congressional Cemetery.

  • John Quincy Adams (1767–1848), President, Senator, and Representative — Massachusetts, cenotaph only and was interred in the Public Vault in 1848. R54/S101.
  • James C. Alvord, (1808–1839), Representative — Massachusetts, cenotaph only. R57/S141.
  • Simeon H. Anderson, (1802–1840), Representative — Kentucky, cenotaph only. R57/S135
  • Charles Andrews, (1814–1852), Representative — Maine, cenotaph only. R54/S161.
  • Chester Ashley, (1791–1848), Senator — Arkansas, cenotaph only. R60/S144.
  • Goldsmith Bailey, (1823–1862), Representative — Massachusetts. R59/S143.
  • Thomas Henry Bayly, (1810–1859), Representative — Virginia. R60/S122.
  • William Lee Ball, (1781–1824), Representative — Virginia, War of 1812 soldier. R29/S37-38.
Cenotaph shared by Nicholas Begich and Hale Boggs
Andrew Butler
William A. Burwell
  • Nick Begich, (1932–1972), Representative Alaska, shares cenotaph with Hale Boggs. They were both lost in a plane crash. R53/S123.
  • James Bell, (1804–1857), Senator — New Hampshire, cenotaph only. R60/S101
  • Thaddeus Betts, (1789–1840), Senator — Connecticut, cenotaph only. Name spelled Thaddel S Betts on cenotaph. R57/S114.
  • George M. Bibb, (1776–1859), Senator — Kentucky, cenotaph only. R 57/ S 143.
  • Henry Black, (1783–1841), Representative — Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R56/S126.
  • James A. Black, (1793–1848), Representative South Carolina, cenotaph only. R55/S104.
  • James Blair, (1786–1834), Representative — South Carolina. R30/S72.
  • Theodorick Bland, (1741–1790), Representative — Virginia; the first to die in office, reinterred 1828 with cenotaph. R31/S48.
  • Hale Boggs, (1914–1972), Representative Louisiana, shares cenotaph with Nick Begich. They were both lost in a plane crash. R53/S123.
  • Pierre Bossier (1797–1844), Representative Louisiana. R54/S123.
  • Thomas Bouldin (1781–1834), Representative Virginia, cenotaph only. Only congressman to die while addressing Congress. R29/S72.
  • Edward Bradley, (1808–1847), Representative — Michigan, cenotaph only. R55/S107.
  • Samuel Brenton, (1810–1847), Representative Indiana, cenotaph only. R60/S104.
  • Elijah Brigham, (1751–1816), Representative Massachusetts. R30/S14.
  • Preston Brooks, (1819–1857), Representative South Carolina; beat Senator Sumner with a cane, cenotaph only. R60/S116
  • Anson Brown, (1800–1840), Representative New York, cenotaph only. R57/S138.
  • Nathan Bryan, (1748–1798), Representative North Carolina, cenotaph, burial site unknown. R57/S117
  • Alexander H. Buell, (1801–1853), Representative New York, cenotaph only. R54/S157
  • Barker Burnell, (1798–1844), Representative Massachusetts, cenotaph only. R60/S104.
  • James Burrill, Jr., (1772–1820), Senator Massachusetts. R29/S31-32.
  • Silas M. Burroughs, (1810–1860), Representative New York. R60/S66.
  • William A. Burwell, (1780–1821), Representative — Virginia; private secretary to Thomas Jefferson, cenotaph but burial site unknown. R56/S102.
  • Andrew Pickens Butler, (1796–1857), Representative — South Carolina, cenotaph only. R60/S84
  • Chester Pierce Butler, (1798–1850), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R57/S163.
John C. Calhoun
  • John C. Calhoun, (1782–1850), Vice President, Senator, Representative South Carolina, cenotaph only. R60/S146
  • Brookins Campbell, (1808–1853), Representative Tennessee, centotaph only. R60/S137.
  • Timothy J. Carter, (1800–1838), Representative Maine. R30/S54-56.
  • Levi Casey, (1752–1807), Representative — South Carolina; Brigadier General of the South Carolina Militia and American Continental Army. R29/S63.
  • Jonathan Cilley, (1802–1838), Representative Maine, killed in a duel by Rep. William J. Graves, cenotaph only. R30/S60.
  • Henry Clay, (1777–1852), Senator, Representative Kentucky, "the Great Compromiser," centotaph only. R60/S149.
  • John E. Coffee, (1782–1836), Representative Georgia, reelected posthumously, cenotaph only. R56/S122.
  • Thomas Buchecker Cooper, (1823–1862), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R59/S146.
  • Jacob Crowninshield, (1770–1806), Representative Massachusetts, cenotaph only. R57/S108
  • Ezra Darby, (1768–1808), Representative from New Jersey. R24/S4.
  • Warren R. Davis, (1793–1835), Representative — South Carolina. R30/S67.
  • John Dawson (US politician) (1762–1814), Representative Virginia. R30/S11.
  • John Bennett Dawson (1798–1845), Representative Louisiana. R30/S11-12.
  • Benjamin Franklin Deming, (1790–1834), Representative Vermont, cenotaph only. R56/S120.
  • Charles Denison, (1818–1867), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R59/S119.
  • Rodolphus Dickinson, (1797–1849), Representative Ohio, cenotaph only. R57/S157.
  • David Dickson (1794–1836), Representative Mississippi, cenotaph only. R57/S120.
  • Davis Dimock, Jr. (1801–1842), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R55/S135.
  • Nathan Fellows Dixon (1774–1842), Senator Rhode Island, cenotaph only. R55/S138.
  • Philip Doddridge, (1773–1832), Representative Virginia. R29/S65.
  • George Coke Dromgoole (1797–1847), Representative Virginia. R55/S111.
  • Josiah Evans, (1786–1858), Senator South Carolina. R60/S96.
  • Presley Underwood Ewing, (1822–1854), Representative Kentucky, cenotaph only. R60/S128.
  • John Fairfield (1797–1847), Representative, Senator, Governor Maine, cenotaph only. R54/S116.
  • Darwin Abel Finney (1814–1863), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R59/S116.
  • Orin Fowler (1791–1852), Representative Massachusetts, cenotaph only. R54/S160.
  • Henry Frick (1795–1844), Representative Pennsylvania. R54/S117.
  • John Gaillard, (1765–1826), Senator — South Carolina. R29/S40.
  • James Gillespie, (1747–1805), Revolutionary War soldier, Representative — North Carolina, reinterred at Congressional Cemetery 1893 at R60/S58. Cenotaph at R31/S59.
  • William Osborne Goode (1797–1859), Representative Virginia, cenotaph only. R60/S69.
  • Peterson Goodwyn (1745–1818), Representative Virginia, cenotaph only. R57/S111.
  • Henry Grider (1796–1866), Representative Kentucky, cenotaph only. R59/S125.
  • Richard W. Habersham, (1786–1842), Representative Georgia, cenotaph only. R54/S137.
  • Thomas Lyon Hamer (1800–1846), Representative Ohio, cenotaph only. R56/S156.
  • Cornelius S. Hamilton (1821–1867), Representative Ohio, cenotaph only. R59/S97.
  • Luther Hanchett (1825–1862), Representative Wisconsin, cenotaph only. R59/S140.
  • John H. Harmanson (1803–1850), Representative Louisiana, cenotaph only. R55/S157.
  • Francis Jacob Harper (1800–1837), Representative Pennsylvania, died before taking office. Reinterred at Congressional Cemetery 1848. R55/S101.
  • Sampson Willis Harris (1809–1857), Representative Alabama, cenotaph only. R60/S119.
  • Thomas L. Harris (1816–1858), Representative Illinois, cenotaph only. R60/S78.
  • Albert Galliton Harrison, (1800–1839), Representative Missouri. R54/S132.
  • Thomas Hartley (1748–1800), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R56/S107.
  • William Soden Hastings (1798–1842), Representative Massachusetts, cenotaph only. R57/S132.
  • Nathaniel Hazard (1776–1820), Representative Rhode Island. R29/S28.
  • David Heaton (1823–1870), Representative North Carolina, cenotaph only. R59/S101.
J. Pinckney Henderson
John Linn
  • J. Pinckney Henderson (1799–1858), Senator Texas, cenotaph only. R60/S91.
  • Robert Pryor Henry (1788–1826), Representative Kentucky, cenotaph only. R57/S123.
  • Richard P. Herrick (1791–1846), Representative New York, cenotaph only. R54/S114.
  • Daniel Hiester (1747–1804), Representative Pennsylvania and Maryland, cenotaph only. R56/S104.
  • James M. Hinds (1833–1868), Representative Arkansas, cenotaph only. R59/S107.
  • Elijah Hise (1802–1867), Representative Kentucky, cenotaph only. R59/S113.
  • Truman H. Hoag (1816–1870), Representative Ohio, cenotaph only. R59/S91.
  • George Holcombe (1786–1828), Representative New Jersey. R31/S50.
  • John M. Holley (1802–1848), Representative New York, cenotaph only. R57/S154.
  • Gabriel Holmes (1764–1829), Representative Governor North Carolina, cenotaph only. R56/S111.
  • Benjamin F. Hopkins (1820–1870), Representative Wisconsin, cenotaph only. R59/S128.
  • John Westbrook Hornbeck (1804–1848), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R54/S105.
  • James Humphrey (1811–1866), Representative New York, cenotaph only. R59/S128.
  • Jonathan Hunt (1787–1832), Representative Vermont, cenotaph only. R29/S52.
  • James Jackson (1757–1820), Representative, Senator, Governor Georgia. R29/S60.
  • James Johnson (1774–1826), Representative Kentucky, cenotaph only. R57/S128.
  • Philip Johnson (1818–1867), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R59/S123.
  • Charles Clement Johnston (1795–1832), Representative Virginia. R29/S48.
  • Josiah S. Johnston (1784–1833), Representative Louisiana, cenotaph only. R57/S160.
  • James Jones (1769–1801), Representative Georgia. R29/S56.
  • Elias Kane (1794–1835), Senator Illinois, cenotaph only. R31/S72.
  • Orlando Kellogg (1809–1865), Representative New York, cenotaph only. R59/S131.
  • Daniel P. King (1801–1850), Representative Massachusetts, cenotaph only. R55/S160.
  • George L. Kinnard (1803–1836), Representative Indiana, cenotaph only. R57/S126.
  • Joab Lawler (1796–1838), Representative Alabama. R31/S54.
  • Joseph Lawrence (1786–1842), Representative Pennsylvania. R56/S137.
  • James Lent (1782–1833), Representative New York, cenotaph and burial, later reinterred in New York. R29/S68.
  • John Linn (1763–1821), Representative New Jersey, cenotaph only. R57/S105.
  • James Lockhart, Representative Indiana, cenotaph only. R60/S108.
  • Owen Lovejoy (1811–1864), Representative Illinois, cenotaph only. R59/S134.
  • William Lowndes (1782–1822), Representative South Carolina, cenotaph only. R55/S129.
  • Francis Malbone (1759–1809), Representative, Senator Rhode Island, died on the steps of the Capitol. R25/S2.
  • Richard Irvine Manning I, (1789–1836), Representative, Governor South Carolina, cenotaph only. R31/S65.
  • Felix Grundy McConnell (1809–1846), Representative Alabama. R55/S114.
  • Isaac McKim (1775–1838), Representative Maryland, cenotaph only. R30/S58.
  • Jeremiah McLene (1767–1837), Representative — Ohio, Major General of militia in the American Revolution, Ohio Secretary of State. R31/S63.
  • James Meacham (1810–1856), Representative Vermont, cenotaph only. R60/S125.
  • John Millen (1804–1843), Representative Georgia, cenotaph only. R54/S129.
  • John Gaines Miller (1812–1856), Representative Missouri, cenotaph only. R60/S113.
  • George Edward Mitchell (1781–1832), Representative Maryland. R29/S54.
  • John Gallagher Montgomery (1805–1857), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R60/S110.
  • Heman A. Moore (1809–1844), Representative Ohio, cenotaph only. R55/S123.
  • Henry Augustus Muhlenberg (1823–1854), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R60/S134.
  • George Mumford (died 1818), Representative North Carolina. R29/S19.
  • Henry Nes (1799–1850), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R55/S154.
  • James Noble (1785–1831), Senator — Indiana. R29/S46.
  • John William Noell (1816–1863), Representative Missouri, cenotaph only. R59/S137.
  • Thomas E. Noell (1839–1867), Representative Missouri, cenotaph only. R59/S94.
  • Moses Norris, Jr. (1799–1853), Representative, Senator New Hampshire, cenotaph only. R60/S87.
  • Tip O'Neil (1912–1994), Representative Massachusetts. Burial in Massachusetts with cenotaph and additional marker at Congressional Cemetery. R52/S123.
  • Charles Ogle (1798–1841) Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R56/S128.
  • Isaac S. Pennybacker (1805–1847), Representative, Senator Virginia, cenotaph only. R54/S111.
  • Joseph Hopkins Peyton (1808–1845), Representative Tennessee, cenotaph only. R55/S120.
  • William Pinkney (1764–1822), Representative, Senator Maryland, Attorney General. R29/S36.
  • William Wilson Potter (1793–1839), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R55/S132.
  • John A. Quitman (1799–1858), Representative, Governor Mississippi, cenotaph only. R60/S81.
  • William Sterrett Ramsey (1810–1840), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R56/S135.
  • Christopher Rankin (1788–1826), Representative Mississippi. R29/S42.
  • Robert Rantoul, Jr. (1805–1852), Representative, Senator Massachusetts, cenotaph only. R60/S140.
  • Thomas Jefferson Rusk (1803–1857), Senator Texas, cenotaph only. R60/S93.
  • Lemuel Sawyer (1777–1852), Representative North Carolina, cenotaph only. R30/S26.
  • John Schwartz (1793–1860), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R60/S72.
  • George W. Scranton (1811–1861), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R59/S149.
  • Alexander D. Sims (1803–1848), Representative South Carolina, cenotaph only. R56/S155.
  • Thomas D. Singleton (died 1833), Representative South Carolina. R30/S51.
  • Charles Slade (died 1834), Representative Illinois, cenotaph only. R56/S114.
  • Jesse Slocumb (1780–1820), Representative North Carolina. R29/S29.
  • John Smilie, (1741–1812), Representative — Pennsylvania. R30/S10.
  • Nathan Smith (1770–1835), Senator Connecticut, cenotaph only. R30/S63.
  • Alexander Smyth (1765–1830), lawyer, soldier, Representative — Virginia. R29/S44.
  • John F. Snodgrass (1802–1854), Representative Virginia, cenotaph only. R60/S131.
  • Samuel L. Southard (1787–1842), Senator, Governor New Jersey. R55/S140.
  • Cyrus Spink (1793–1859), Representative Ohio, cenotaph only. R60/S75.
  • Richard Stanford (1767–1816), Representative North Carolina. R29/S15.
Thaddeus Stevens
Uriah Tracy

Congressmen buried without a cenotaph[1][edit]

Senior Union Civil War officers[1][edit]




Temporary interments[edit]

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