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There are a number of different lists compiled by various publications around the world that attempt to determine the number of billionaires by world's major cities.

Forbes magazine[edit]

In 2015, Forbes Magazine listed New York City with the most billionaires at 78 persons, followed by Moscow with 68 billionaires, and Hong Kong in third place with 65 billionaires.[1] The report also states that the US has the most billionaires per capita of any country.

Business Insider[edit]

Business Insider reported New York City maintaining its position as the world's top billionaire city with 103 billionaires in 2014, followed by Moscow (85), Hong Kong (82), and in this publication, as opposed to the Sunday Times, London follows in fourth with (72), followed by Beijing at (37).[2] Only 5% of the world's billionaires are worth more than US$10 billion.[3]

City Country Billionaires
New York City  USA 103
Hong Kong  China 93
San Francisco  USA 74
Moscow  Russia 69
London  UK 62
Beijing  China 57
Mumbai  India 49
Singapore  Singapore 44
Dubai  UAE 40
Shenzhen  China 39

There were a total of 2,325 living billionaires in 2014, compared to 2,170 in 2013. There were 2,039 male and 286 female billionaires in 2014, accounting for 88% and 12% respectively of the world's total billionaires wealth of US$7.3 trillion.[4] 34% of world's billionaires are based in these top 20 regional hubs.

The Times of London[edit]

The Times (of London), by way of the Sunday Times, compiles annually the Sunday Times Rich List. This list has determined that London is home to the most billionaires (80),[citation needed] whilst New York City is second with 56, and San Francisco rounds out the top three with 49.[citation needed]

UBS Wealth Census[edit]

In 2015, UBS listed New York City with the most billionaires with 103, followed by London with 43.[citation needed]

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