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This article provides a list of games that are compatible with the EyeToy camera peripheral on the PlayStation 2, both released and unreleased, organised alphabetically by name.

EyeToy specific games[edit]

These games require the EyeToy to be played.

Title Developer Publisher North American Release date Europe Release date Japanese release date
EyeToy: Play SCE London Studio Sony Computer Entertainment November 4, 2003 July 4, 2003 February 4, 2003
EyeToy: Groove SCE London Studio Sony Computer Entertainment April 20, 2004 November 14, 2003 June 23, 2004
EyeToy: Antigrav Harmonix Sony Computer Entertainment November 9, 2004 March 2005
Sega SuperStars Sonic Team Sega November 2, 2004 October 22, 2004 November 11, 2004
U Move Super Sports Konami Konami October 22, 2004 July 15, 2004
EyeToy: Chat SCE London Studio Sony Computer Entertainment February 11, 2005
EyeToy: Play 2 SCE London Studio Sony Computer Entertainment August 16, 2005 November 5, 2004 June 16, 2005
Disney Move Ubisoft Disney Interactive Studios, Ubisoft November 19, 2004
Nicktoons: Movin' Mass Media THQ October 21, 2004
EyeToy: Monkey Mania SCEI Sony Computer Entertainment March 18, 2005 August 4, 2004
EyeToy: Kinetic SCE London Studio Sony Computer Entertainment November 8, 2005 September 23, 2005
EyeToy: Kinetic Combat
EyeToy: EduKids SCEK Sony Computer Entertainment January 20, 2005
EyeToy: Play 3 SCE London Studio SCEE November 4, 2005
EyeToy: Operation Spy SCE London Studio SCEE November 15, 2005 October 14, 2005
Clumsy Shumsy Phoenix Games Phoenix Games October 27, 2006
Rhythmic Star Ignition Entertainment Namco March 10, 2006
Eyetoy: Play Sports SCEE Sony Computer Entertainment December 31, 2006
Eyetoy: Kinetic Combat SCE London Studio SCEE November 17, 2006
EyeToy: Play Astro Zoo SCE Studios London SCEE November 2, 2007
Bob The Builder Atomic Planet Entertainment Blast! Entertainment August 23, 2007 (Australia Only) July 20, 2007

EyeToy Enhanced Games[edit]

These games may be used with the EyeToy optionally. They have an "EyeToy Enhanced" label on the box.

EyeToy Cameo[edit]

EyeToy: Cameo is a system for allowing players to include their own images as avatars in other games. Games that support the feature include a head scanning program that can be used to generate a 3D model of the player's head. Once stored on a memory card, this file is then available in games that support the Cameo feature. EyeToy: Cameo licenses the head creation technology Digimask.

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