List of individuals executed in Michigan

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Source: "ESPYstate.pdf-pages 166–167" (PDF). Archived from the original (PDF) on 2005-09-10. (1.67 MB)

Before U.S. jurisdiction[edit]

Name Date of execution Crime Method Race
French jurisdiction
Folle-Avoine November 29, 1683 Murder Shot Native American
Unknown November 29, 1683 Murder Shot Native American
Pierre Berge (or Boucher) dit La Tulipe November 26, 1705 Assault Hanging (in Montreal)[1] White
Bartellemy Pichon dit La Roze November 7, 1707 Desertion Hanging[2] White
British jurisdiction
Unknown female slave (whose owner's name was Clapham) April 1763 Murder Hanging Native American
Michael Dué late 1760s Murder Hanging[3] White
Joseph Hecker December 1775 Murder Hanging[4] White
Jean Baptiste Contincineau March 26, 1777 Burglary Hanging[5] White
Ann Wyley March 26, 1777 Burglary Hanging[5] Black

Under U.S. jurisdiction (territorial)[edit]

Name Date of execution Crime Method Race
Buhnah 1819 Murder Unknown method Native American
Ketauka December 27, 1821 Murder Hanging[6] Native American
Kewaubis December 27, 1821 Murder Hanging[6] Native American
James Brown February 1, 1830 Murder Hanging White
Stephen Simmons[7][8] September 24, 1830 Murder Hanging[9] White
Wau-Bau-Ne-Me-Mee July 1836 Murder Hanging Native American

After statehood (federal)[edit]

Name Date of execution Crime Method Race
Anthony Chebatoris July 8, 1938 Murder Hanging White

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