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Below is a sortable list of individuals who died as a result of running a marathon. The most-frequent causes are:

  1. sudden cardiac death, triggered by a congenital or acquired heart disorder;
  2. exercise-associated hyponatremia or other electrolyte imbalance;
  3. exertional heat stroke or severe hyperthermia.

The age distribution ranges widely, from the teens through the 60s.

In 2016, a systematic medical review found that the risk of sudden cardiac death during or immediately after a marathon was between 0.6 and 1.9 deaths per 100,000 participants, varying across the specific studies and the methods used, and not controlling for age or gender. This translates to a few published marathon deaths worldwide in a typical year, although the authors lamented the lack of a central registry for the information.[1]

The second major risk arises from imbalanced fluid or electrolyte levels, particularly hyponatremia (sodium deficiency, overhydration, or water intoxication). As a marathon medical director described the counter-intuitive and under-publicized risk in 2005: "There are no reported cases of dehydration causing death in the history of world running, but there are plenty of cases of people dying of hyponatremia."[2]

Heat stroke is an emergency condition in which thermoregulation fails and the body temperature rises above 104 °F (40 °C). It becomes a greater risk in warm and humid weather.[3]

Origin Name [ref.] Age Marathon date Event Location Cause / Notes
Greece Pheidippides[4] c.40 12 September 490 BC Battle of Marathon,
then c.26 mi (42 km) run
Marathon, Greece
to Athens
death honored by the modern marathon
Portugal Francisco Lázaro[5] 21 15 July 1912 Olympic Marathon Stockholm, Sweden electrolyte imbalance
France Jacques Bussereau[6] 48 28 October 1984 New York City Marathon New York City, US heart attack
United Kingdom Duncan Kerr[7] 28 22 September 1985 Glasgow Marathon Glasgow, UK pneumonia
United States Martin A. Wurst, Jr.[8] 32 2 November 1986 Marine Corps Marathon Washington, DC, US coronary artery disease
United States Edwin Brown[9] 47 14 December 1986 Dallas Marathon Dallas, US heart attack
United States Thomas Becker[10] 40 8 October 1989 Twin Cities Marathon Minneapolis, US heart attack
United States William McKinney[11] 59 4 March 1990 Los Angeles Marathon Los Angeles, US heart attack
United States Lisa B. Christensen[12] 19 4 November 1990 Marine Corps Marathon Washington, DC, US coronary artery abnormality
United States Julius Becza[13] 58 24 October 1993 Marine Corps Marathon Washington, DC, US heart attack
United States Samuel Grafton[14] 42 16 October 1994 Detroit Marathon Detroit, US heart attack
Switzerland Pierre Marguet[15] 27 6 November 1994 New York City Marathon New York City, US heart attack; and also for an unnamed second fatality
Sweden Humphrey Siesage[16] 61 15 April 1996 Boston Marathon Boston, US heart attack
United States Kelly Barrett[17] 43 11 October 1998 Chicago Marathon Chicago, US hyponatremia
United Kingdom Don Scott[18] 48 26 September 1999 Robin Hood Marathon Nottingham, UK heart attack
United States Danny Towns[17] 45 22 October 2000 Chicago Marathon Chicago, US heart attack
United States Luke Roach[17] 22 7 October 2001 Chicago Marathon Chicago, US heat stroke
United States Laura M. Clancy[19] 29 20 October 2001 Baltimore Marathon Baltimore, US brain aneurysm
Ecuador Cynthia Lucero[20] 28 15 April 2002 Boston Marathon Boston, US hyponatremia
United States Hilary Bellamy[20] 35 27 October 2002 Marine Corps Marathon Washington, DC, US hyponatremia
United Kingdom Craig Johanson[18] 28 14 September 2003 Robin Hood Marathon Nottingham, UK cardiac arrhythmia
United States Rachael Townsend[21] 29 12 October 2003 Chicago Marathon Chicago, US mitral valve prolapse
United States James Leone[11] 60 19 March 2006 Los Angeles Marathon Los Angeles, US heart attack
United States Raul Reyna[11] 53 19 March 2006 Los Angeles Marathon Los Angeles, US heart attack
United States William Goggins[22] 43 30 July 2006 San Francisco Marathon San Francisco, US hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
United States George Spears, Sr.[23] 49 1 October 2006 Twin Cities Marathon Minneapolis, US heart attack
United States Earl Seyford[24] 56 29 October 2006 Marine Corps Marathon Washington, DC, US heart attack
United States Marc Witkes[25] 40 10 December 2006 Tucson Marathon Tucson, US congenital heart abnormalities
United Kingdom David Rogers[26] 22 22 April 2007 London Marathon London, UK hyponatremia
United States Chad Schieber[27] 35 7 October 2007 Chicago Marathon Chicago, US mitral valve prolapse
United States Ryan Shay[28] 28 3 November 2007 USA Marathon Championships New York City, US cardiac arrhythmia
United States Adam Nickel[29] 27 2 March 2008 Little Rock Marathon Little Rock, US coronary artery abnormality;
electrolyte imbalance
Brazil Carlos Jose Gomes[30] 58 2 November 2008 New York City Marathon New York City, US heart attack
United States Joseph Marotta[30] 66 2 November 2008 New York City Marathon New York City, US heart attack
United States Fred Costa[30] 41 2 November 2008 New York City Marathon New York City, US heart attack
United States Erin Lahr[31] 29 14 December 2008 Dallas Marathon Dallas, US cardiac arrhythmia
Republic of Ireland Colin Dunne[32] 27 1 March 2009 Barcelona Marathon Barcelona, Spain heart attack
United States Peter Curtin[33] 23 10 October 2009 Baltimore Marathon Baltimore, US undetermined;
body temperature 107 °F (42 °C)
United States William Caviness[34] 35 9 October 2011 Chicago Marathon Chicago, US heart attack
United States Ulysses Thomas[35] 58 5 November 2011 Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Savannah, US
United Kingdom Claire Squires[36] 30 22 April 2012 London Marathon London, UK heart attack, DMAA supplement
Spain Xavier Jiménez[37] 45 17 March 2013 Barcelona Marathon Barcelona, Spain heart attack
United Kingdom Sam Harper Brighouse[38] 23 14 April 2013 Brighton Marathon Brighton, UK ischemic colitis
United States R. Jacob Zeman[39] 35 9 November 2013 Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Savannah, US "unsuspected heart condition"
United Kingdom Robert Berry[40] 42 13 April 2014 London Marathon London, UK heat stroke
United Kingdom Mike Freeman[41] 55 28 February 2016 Vodafone Malta Marathon Sliema, Malta "natural causes"
United Kingdom David Seath[42] 31 24 April 2016 London Marathon London, UK heart attack
United Kingdom Matt Campbell[43] 29

26 November 2017 2017 Curaçao Marathon Rob Bremer Curaçao

22 April 2018 London Marathon London, UK Cardiac arrest
United Kingdom Juan Camilo Arboleda Alzate[44] 38 17 September 2018 Medellín Marathon Medellín, Colombia heart attack
Chile Claudio Agurto Spencer[45] 51 7 April 2019 Maratón de Santiago Santiago, Chile Aortic dissection
Taylor Ceepo[46] 22 19 May 2019 Cleveland Marathon Cleveland, US

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