List of mountains of Princess Elizabeth Land

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The mountains of Princess Elizabeth Land are located in the region Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica, between 73° E and 87° 55' 20" E. This region is part of the Australian Antarctic Territory. The area are highly glaciated. The availability of reliable data for this region is limited, making the list incomplete and inaccurate. The highest peaks, including nunataks and ice domes, are listed below:

Name Elevation (meters) Location Coordinates GNIS ID SCAR ID
Dome Argus 4000[1] Antarctic Plateau 81°S 77°E / 81°S 77°E / -81; 77 577 501
Mount Harding 2343[2] Grove Mountains 72°53′33″S 75°01′23.6″E / 72.89250°S 75.023222°E / -72.89250; 75.023222 6369 6003
Mount Brown 1982[3] 68°35′S 86°05′E / 68.583°S 86.083°E / -68.583; 86.083 2005 1932

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