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In 2004, there were nearly 1,000 printed media in Slovenia, including newspapers, magazines and journals.[1]

This article is a list of newspapers published in Slovenia or in Slovene language.


Title English Title Content Format Est. Owner Publisher Headquarters Orientation Website
Delo Labor General Broadsheet 1959 FMR, d.d. Delo, d.d. Ljubljana Left-wing, Social liberalism
Dnevnik Journal General Berliner 1951 35%: Državna založba Slovenije (State Publishing House of Slovenia)

25,74%: Styria Media International AG

and others
Dnevnik, d.d. Ljubljana Left-wing
EkipaSN TeamSN Daily sports news / 1995 Media24 Salomon, d.o.o. Ljubljana /
Finance Finances Daily business and financial news Berliner 1992 Bonnier Group Časnik Finance, d.o.o. Ljubljana Liberalism, Centrism
Slovenske novice Slovenian News General Tabloid 1991 Delo, d.d. Delo, časopisno založniško podjetje d.o.o. (Delo Publishing) Ljubljana ?
Večer Evening General Berliner 1945 Dober večer Časnik Večer, d.o.o. Maribor Centrism
Svet24 World24 General Tabloid 2013 Media24 Salomon, d.o.o. Ljubljana ?


In foreign languages[edit]


List of historical newspapers include also the newspapers that were published in German language:

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