List of flower fly species of North America

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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Family: Syrphidae

There are more than 870 species[1] of flower fly (Syrphidae) in North America .[2] The following is an attempt at a comprehensive North American list of this family of insects.


Family Syrphidae[edit]

Subfamily Syrphinae[edit]

Tribe Bacchini[edit]

Genus Baccha Fabricius[edit]
Genus Melanostoma Schiner[edit]
Genus Platycheirus Lepeletier & Serville[edit]

70 species [1]

Tribe Paragini[edit]

Genus Paragus Latreille[edit]

Tribe Pipizini[edit]

Genus Pipiza Fallén[edit]
Genus Heringia Róndani[edit]
Genus Trichopsomyia Williston[edit]

Tribe Syrphini[edit]

Genus Allograpta Osten Sacken[edit]

5 species [1]

Genus Chrysotoxum Meigen[edit]

10 species [2]

Genus Dasysyrphus Enderlein[edit]

7 species [2]

Genus Didea Macquart[edit]

2 species [2]

Genus Doros Meigen[edit]
Genus Epistrophe Walker[edit]
Genus Epistrophella[edit]
Genus Eriozona Schiner[edit]
Genus Eupeodes Osten Sacken[edit]
Genus Lapposyrphus[edit]
Genus Leucozona Schiner[edit]
Genus Melangyna Verrall[edit]
Genus Meligramma Frey[edit]
Genus Meliscaeva Frey[edit]
Genus Ocyptamus Macquart[edit]

14 species [2]

Genus Parasyrphus Matsumura[edit]
Genus Pseudodoros Matsumura[edit]
Genus Salpingogaster Schiner[edit]
Genus Scaeva[edit]
Genus Sphaerophoria[edit]

13 species [1]

Genus Syrphus[edit]

11 species [1]

Genus Xanthogramma[edit]

Tribe Toxomerini[edit]

Genus Toxomerus[edit]

17 species [1]

Subfamily Microdontinae[edit]

Genus Microdon[edit]

29 species [1]

Subfamily Eristalinae[edit]

Tribe Brachyopini[edit]

Genus Brachyopa[edit]

14 species

Genus Chrysogaster[edit]
Genus Chrysosyrphus[edit]
Genus Myolepta[edit]

7 species

Genus Neoascia[edit]
Genus Orthonevra[edit]
Genus Sphegina[edit]


Tribe Callicerini[edit]

Genus Callicera[edit]

Tribe Cerioidini[edit]

Genus Ceriana[edit]

Includes Monoceromyia, Polybiomyia and Sphiximorpha

Tribe Eristalini[edit]

Genus Eristalinus[edit]
Genus Eristalis[edit]
Genus Helophilus[edit]

10 species [1]

Genus Lejops[edit]
Genus Mallota[edit]

11 species [1]

Genus Meromacrus[edit]
Genus Myathropa[edit]
Genus Palpada[edit]
Genus Parhelophilus[edit]

Tribe Sericomyini[edit]

Genus Sericomyia[edit]

11 species [1]

Genus Pyritis[edit]

Tribe Merodontini[edit]

Genus Eumerus[edit]
Genus Merodon[edit]
Genus Nausigaster[edit]

Tribe Milesini[edit]

Genus Blera[edit]
Genus Brachypalpus[edit]
Genus Chalcosyrphus[edit]
Genus Criorhina[edit]

14 species [1]

Genus Cynorhinella[edit]
Genus Hadromyia[edit]
Genus Merapoides[edit]
Genus Milesia[edit]

3 species [1]

Genus Palumbia[edit]
Genus Pocota[edit]
Genus Pterallastes[edit]
Genus Somula[edit]
Genus Sphecomyia[edit]

8 species [1]

Genus Spilomyia[edit]

11 species [1]

Genus Syritta[edit]
Genus Temnostoma[edit]

10 species [1]

Genus Teuchocnemis[edit]
Genus Tropidia[edit]

8 species [1]

Genus Xylota[edit]

29 species [1]

Tribe Rhingiini[edit]

Genus Chamaesyrphus[edit]
Genus Cheilosia[edit]
Genus Ferdinandea[edit]
Genus Rhingia[edit]
Genus Hiatomyia[edit]

Tribe Volucellini[edit]

Genus Copestylum[edit]

39 species [1]

Genus Ornidia[edit]
Genus Volucella[edit]


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